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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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waterslides,spa pool & sauna at 5/6 dpo?

hi there, im at 8dpo this month and testing on friday, we are going to centreparcs for the weekend next month which has an aray of waterslides and the best spa complex with several different themed HOT rooms and steam rooms etc and spa pools..its lush, but providing im not pregnant this month then by the time we go i would only be 5/6 dpo and probably not even started to implant in the event i do concieve.. so my question is.. would it make a difference if i did all those things when im there? i dont have to go on the waterslides or go in the spa but every1 else is and id hate to think that id missed out for no reason if i turn out not to be pregnant and it would be the perfect way to relax myself after all this stressing the past few months, i was going to take a break from trying next month but i dont think i can, im obsessed. xxx

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