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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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PMS or Pregnancy?

Hi, I thought it might be a good idea for people to list their symptoms so far, to help people see what is most likely to be either PMS or early preg symptoms. Because for me that's the most annoying thing about the 2ww and TTC... you can never tell the difference!

2 dpo - sticky cm with white pasty bits
3 dpo - creamy cm, sore nips, mild twinges in lower abdomen, full boobs
4 dpo - creamy cm, sore nips, boobs tender on sides, twinges around my right side
5 dpo - creamy cm, tender boobs, twinges on both sides and lower abdomen, constant wet feeling "down there"
6 dpo - creamy cm, constant wet feeling "down there", sore nips, tender boobs
7 dpo - creamy cm, sore nips, tender boobs on sides, tad emotional, sore throat
8 dpo - vivid dream, creamy cm, sore nips, tender boobs, lower abdominal twinges, gas after eating, weepy, bloated
9 dpo - 2 vivid dreams, sore nips and boobs, watery cm, bouts of nausea, bloating, twinges, mild shooting pains "down there", heavy feeling (uterus?), mild AF cramps
10 dpo - dry cm, mild AF cramps, lower abdominal twinges, sore nips, tender boobs near underarms, bloated, heavy feeling (uterus?), gas
11 dpo - gloopy pale yellow CM, mild AF cramps, twinges in pelvic area, sore nips, tender boobs underneath, pulling sensation underneath bellybutton
12 dpo - creamy cm, sore nips, sore boobs, bloating, nausea, twinges, increased number of bowel movements, irritable, weepy
13 dpo - tender boobs, thirsty all the time, disturbed sleep, bloating, sore nips, creamy cm, weepy

AF due either today or tomorrow and no sign yet! Usually I have severe cramping...

Anyone else care to post their 2ww symptoms? xx

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Mum (Mom)
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I think I am 13 dpo (only based on dates). i have had the following symptoms-

1-7 dpo - feeling hot, having hot flashes, temp quite high, tender boobs (but i had tender boobs last cycle and nothing)

7dpo - temperature dipped, no hot flashes, feeling crampy, gassy and achy

8-11 dpo - temp back up, hot flashes return, got a heat rash, increasing nausea, very tired, restless sleep, gassy. totally dry, no cm

12-13 dpo - started with a bad cold, congested nose and sinus type headache (I had this in my last pregnancy when AF was due). still got the other symptoms, small amounts of white CM. temp is staying high. neg test at 12dpo.

i never normally have hot flashes like these, so feel like ive got some good signs. but with my last pregnancy i had lots of watery cm that kept making me think Af arrived, not had this yet so am doubting it too!

fingers crossed for everyone

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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me too

we've been trying to conceive for quite some time and in june we had a bfp only to have a d&c at the end of july..(conceived naturally identical twins) we waited and are trying again..the wait is here are my symptoms

3dpo-wet feeling
4dpo-wet feeling/fatigue
5dpo-wet feeling/fatigue/bloated
6dpo- bloated/wet feeling/sorethroat/crampy/fatigued..for fun i did two tests..i checked my saliva and opk and both tested positive..the opk test darker than the day i ovulated
7dpo-wet feeling/tired/sore throat/opk + again/crampy/backache
8dpo-wet feeling/tired/full bb/sorethroat/opk + again/crampy/backache/gums bled when i brushed
9dpo-crampy like af coming/couldn't lay on stomach last night hurt so bad/sore throat/backache/opk+ again/weepy/irritable..took hpt got a bfn and started crying..
feel like i'm out of the game even though i know that i tested early..i'm so confused :

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