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AF like cramps after ovulation?

hey ladies i have a question..
okay on clomid..this month is my 4th on cd19.
i take clomid cd 5-9 every month and im only on 50mg and ovulating just fine on that dose
so every month this time around i havent ever gotten fully positive opks, but i will get a very close one on cd 16 at night or cd 17 in the morning.
i usually start having AF like cramps and sore bbs on cd 16 in the evening
then on cd 17 in the afternoon or evening i will have lots and lots of pain/pressure, bloating like crazy, sore bbs and fatigue so i just figure thats when i ovulate
this month however, i have had close positives on cd 16, 17 and then yesterday on cd 18 i got a super positive one.
but the thing is, is that on cd 16 i started getting bloated and some cramps
cd 17 (day before yesterday) i got all the bloating and pressure/pain i always get on that day
so i figured it was ovulation and i just didnt get a fully positive test, like the other months that i ovulated and didnt get fully positive opks
i just always figured that all this pain and stuff meant ovulation, i dont temp or anything like that because i dont sleep a full night like ever lol.
so what im wondering is, what day did i most likely ovulate?
after my positive opk yesterday morning i the pain got worse than the day before lots of pressure and then after a couple hours it stopped and now its gone.
i have still been having AF like cramps but they arent bad..nothing that i cant just ignore if im up and doing something i mostly just notice them when im sitting down
the ovulation pain i get on clomid i just cant ignore and i barely do anything the whole day because im very uncomfortable
we have been BDing every day that ive gotten my almost positive opks and when i got my positive..just to cover all bases..but im starting to think maybe i ovulated on cd18? or maybe not at all yet?
im not used to having 2 and a half days where i get lots of ovulation pains..usually its like clockwork right on cd 17
thanks in advance for any advice

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Hey hun x

2 dpo i had af style cramps as well convinced i was going to come on period any second! also lower back ache so all af style.
i know mine defiantly wasn't ovulation ones as i take tests and showed i already ovulated and so have yours so id say it can't be that.

2dpo people say is to early for pregnancy symptoms but women have reported af style cramps this early and turned out to get a bfp :-)
i suppose all we can em wait and see. i know the wait is awful but nothing we can do about it :-)
baby dust! x x

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I'm on my 3rd day of AF style cramps but AF is not due until next Tuesday so did a bit of googling and found this....

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yeah it is awful waiting and not not symptom spotting this month at all..the cramps and sore stomach are just not something i can ignore if u know what i mean lol
today they dont feel as bad..but im getting a lot of discharge (sorry tmi) i got that last month also and i wasnt pregnant so im guessing its just something new that started happening to me last month because the other months i didnt have that lol

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