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faint lines on FRER yesterday and today, now what?

I'm approximately 12 dpo today, and got very faint positives on my FRERs yesterday and today, both very similar looking, but DEFINITELY lines! Should I retest with FRER in a day or 2 hoping to get darker lines before I call the docs to get a blood test to confirm? Or should I call now? how sensitive are the blood tests as compared to FRERs? excited!

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well i gotta neg. yesterday on frer and a positive today with a target test! congrats! blood test is more accurate than any hpt

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Congrats! We'd love to pics of your lines!!

I know that for me, my doctor's office will only confirm with a urine test so really there is no point. I would just start taking your prenatal vitamins, and call the doc to set up for your 8 week visit appointment! H&H 9 months!

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OMG very exciting! Well if you are psycho like will call the Dr and set up the appt, and go ahead and pee again and again until then.

Blood test will calculate the actual number of HCG in your system from 0 on up. A pee test (on average) will detect HCG levels at 25 and up. So blood test will tell you exactly what you need to know.

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