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13dpo tmi alert

so im 13dpo and 1 day late. Bfn's on frer thought i had a line but I'd opened test so guess it was invalid. Iv got a medium high squishy closed cervix which im hoping is a good sign but iv had the runs for two days which is not like me at all. Has anyone else had this? Also do you think its possible to still get a bfp even if im a day late and still bfn

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Hey Amy, I've read several posts from other ladies here who didn't get their till 16/17dpo! Hang in there, it's not over till the comes.

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ok so i am confused too, I did a test 8DPO silly me obviously BFN! so i am due AF today according to my ov date, now i know that today is not over and i have had a few twinges, my bbs are sore still which is normal when AF is due. I am too scared to test because i have convinced myself that i am not pregnant.
the weird thing is i normally get a lot of cm a few days before AF but this month really have nothing!!!
Hope we all get answers lol
AMY there have been a few posts from ladies who have there BFP that have said they have had dodgy stomachs before getting the BFP. GOOD LUCK. xxxx

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