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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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When to test?

Hi everyone,

Spent most of the afternoon reading all the 2ww message board lol.

Im just after some advice really.

I stopped the pill (femodene) on 26th Jan and had bleed on 28th. Before starting pill my periods were 26-28day cycles. me and hubby BD'd on 12th and 13th and I know its unlikely to happen first month round but I have had a miscarriage before which was conceived on 1st month of trying!

Basically im just a bit confused about when to test. Ive had feelings this month that ive never had before any AF before (pains in chest and weird feeling in tummy and feeling very tired). Really want to test but not really sure when to.

Any advise please?


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I would give it another 2weeks or so...the pill can mess up your cycles pretty good..

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