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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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12 or 14 dpo and yellow/brown cm

On 9 dpo I had light pink spotting only once when i wiped (was after I BD'ed), so I thought this was my implantation bleeding, but didnt have anything else until today.

I was doing my usual cervix check this morning and noticed that my CM was rather different, my CM is always either clear or creamy and this morning it was kind of clear/yellowish only on my finger.

I kept getting AF type cramps and then checked again a little while ago, there was a little lump of cm that was light brownish and the rest brown/yellow, again, only on my finger.

Im currently still getting some cramps, over the past few days I got random sharp twinges right and left. My right nipple is sore but thats about it. Since 3 days ago I have kind of lost hope so a lot of my "symptoms" (imaginary LOL) have disppeared. I did a FRER Sunday with SMU and was a BFN. I did a $ test this evening and again a BFN with a nasty evap LOL.

I'm not quite sure which days I ovulated, either CD 15 or CD 17, because I spotted on both days, but not on CD 16 weird enough. I counted CD 16 as 1 dpo, making me today CD 28 or 14 dpo. But I think I should be counting today as CD 28 and 12 dpo by starting 1 dpo CD 18, after the spotting stopped, but I'm not sure.

I pretty much figure I'm out this cycle, I'm just not feeling it. I've never started my AF this early EVER though. Usually it's at least 33 days, my cycles are so so weird ranging 33-63 days :s.

I think next cycle I'm going to start temping, but I'm not sure how temping really works.

Any advise or similar experiences? PLEASE SHARE!! Too many of us are reading and running unfortunately

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I had something like that happen last cycle and had gotten a few light positives followed by negatives, so I wonder if maybe it was chemical preg...but I hope u get a bfp

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