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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Period due today and heavy feeling in tummy but BFN?? Help

I am due on today and no sign of witch coming, last month however was a week late. Took a test yesterday but got a BFN, however past 2 days woke up and tummy feels really heavy and got strange fluttery feeling, am I just anxious or could this be a sign??

been so worried since we started trying as it took my sister 3 years to concieve and my hubby already has 2 kids so I know he has no issues!!

Got to go out today and get more tests as have run out, but not sure when best to test as my cycle can be out by aweek sometimes. God I hate this waiting time tummy feels really off like I ate a bad kebab or something!!

Thinking i sould wait a few days and try test again just so scared i will get another BFN, advice please all!!

Plus scared if i am as still on probation at work until may so will have to keep it quiet as i only been in my job for 4 months!!

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