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7 DPO and pink spotting

I am 7 dpo and last night I was completely 100% positive that af was coming. It felt exactly like it was going to start at any second. So I put a tampon in and went to bed. (I know youre not supposed to use tampons when ttc, or preggo... I was THAT confident that af was coming early...) but when I took it out, there was the normal yellow/creamy lotion like cm, but there was also a few streaks of pink lotionly cm. Af still isnt here in full swing. Is that MAYBE implantation bleeding? When should that occur if its going to?? Like I said Im 7dpo. Thank you!

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It could definitely be implantation spotting! On average implantation occurs 7-10 DPO. FXed for you!

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Mum (Mom)
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It could be implantation & I've read that when implantation occurs, cramps,etc feel alot like AF. FX'd for you!

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I got my bfp at 9 dpo, so makes sense little one implanted at 7-8 dpo. 7 dpo was the only day of the 2ww that i had cramps (though very small and barely noticeable) and i had the tiniest tiniest bit of very very light pink cm (honestly-i had it once and i barely noticed it). So it sounds v promising!! If it is that ul get a bfp within 2 days i reckon! Good luck!! Keep this updated!!

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