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If I ovulate early would my period be due early?

I normaly have 28 day cycles. This cycle I had my first iui and took femara. I had an us on cd 10 and saw large folicles, but a negitive opk. Cd11 was a positive opk. and when I went in for the iui my folicles had already colapsed,but the nurse said that was ok and we still did the iui. Anyways if I ovulated early is my period due earlier?

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China girl
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I ovulated two days early last month (well three days according to FF) and I got my period right on schedule. It did lengththen my Luteual Phase to 16 days. But I am also taking soy. I hope this was helpful to you.


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Mine is always on time if I ovulate on the same day (give or take 1 day) but everyone is different, take care

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I ovulated on CD 15 and my cycle is 32 days. will my period come early or will it still come on the same day if im not pregnant?

thanks xx

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