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Thick, white cervical mucus...?

Sorry if TMI!

I believe I ovulated sometime around the 11-14th, not exactly sure. Ever since then I've had all sorts of strange feelings and weird things happening with my body that normally don't: headaches on and off all day, being either extremely hungry or not at all, dizziness, etc etc. My period is due tomorrow and there's absolutely no sign of it at all. Only thing going on down there has been this thick, white, kinda clumpy discharge. I normally don't have this at all but it's been here ever since the clear ovulation discharge passed. Sometimes I get a gush of it; I get a really wet feeling and think it's my period but turns out it's just this stuff!

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what happened: did you turn out to be pregnant or was it just things going whacko?

Thanks ladies

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Every time I've been pregnant, I have that wet feeling, think AF is here and go to check and just find either milky white or a thicker creamier discharge.

Have you tested? Good Luck!

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