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How many DPO will there be any symptoms?

Feeling very crampy with sore nipples everyday after ovulation until today, and of course today was 6 DPO with no symptoms! You would think it would have been the opposite. Too early for symptoms or should I be having some by now?

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Everybody is different.... and ive noticed on 1-3DPO i had just bloating, 4-6DPO sore nipples, headache and cramp... Im now 10DPO and ive still got sore tender boobs/nipples and aching back.

Last month i had similar symptons and i wasnt pregnant.. but ive read posts where other ladies have had those symptons and were in deed pregnant... Like i say every1 is different... Good luck and fingers crossed

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I never noticed preg symptoms (sore boobs, tired, etc) until I was 3.5 weeks pregnant. I really do think that when we're ttc we pick up on a lot of "symptoms" that were always there. This was especially true for me. After a year of ttc, I finally realized that the way our bodies feel is a combination of so many, sleep, hormones (due to preg and not), etc. So it's really hard to say. Good luck though! HTh!

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