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Hi gals!

I have been having acupuncture to regulate cycles - got to 38 days ov on cd 23. Up'd the acupuncture to try shorten my follicular phase. I'm on cd 26 today and I ov'd cd19. This morning I noticed blood in my undies (sorry tmi!) and it seemed a bit more than spotting. Throughout the morning I've bloated, feel pmt like, tired, crampy and out of sorts. I've bled a little more until just after lunch - just light and now it's stopped but I feel a bit sick and worried what it might be. I ha mid cycle spotting last month for the first time ever but felt ok. Today I really feel af is coming and it'll be 9 days early!!

Any thoughts?

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possible to have implantation bleed at 7dpo - best to wait and see and just maybe the witch wont arrive this month - fingers crossed for you


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