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Cold during TWW

Its been 3 weeks and I thought this nagging cough would be gone by now! But I still got an itchy chest, and cough at times. I was worried during the time of O about whether or not this cold would affect it, and was assured it wouldn't. I didn't want to take any medications for it, I just use cough drops. Now I still don't know for sure for a few more days whether i'll be positive or not, but I was spotting so i'm very hopeful.

Can I get some insight on meds during O and conception? Whether Tylenol if i'm in pain, or possibly allergy meds, cause that's what I originally thought the cough was, or cough and cold meds.

Will a cold during conception affect anything? I've been taking Vitamins now for quite a few months.

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I was sick my entire cycle, OV'd late (CD26), and still managed to get a BFP. So don't think that being sick might prevent you from getting pregnant . However, I didn't take any meds either. I simply don't like medication, and on the one day that I had had enough of being sick (14DPO), I took a HPT just in case, and it was positive.

Best of luck!

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