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Originally Posted by trulybl3ssed View Post
Originally Posted by tweety pie View Post
I have been trying to feel how high my cervix is and i think it's pretty high now ( never done it till this cycle so i am finding it hard to feel what i am looking for ) also very wet but not at all looking like cm should look like,do you think it will get stretchy soon. I am on cd 15 and my last 2 cycles have been 25 and 31 days. What do you think trulybl3ssed ?
Since you can go up to 31 days, your body may just be preparing to ovulate. I had CM that broke for the past 3 days. Today though it seems to be more like EWCM and I got a positive OPK today. It seems like your body is getting ready. If I were you I'd BD as much as possible. Are you using OPKs?
Yes i am using OPKs but still nothing today and my cm is still very watery i really wish it would start changing. I am beginning to think this part is harder than the ttw. Hopefully you are right and than my boby is preparing to ov and maybe all of a sudden my EWCM will start. FX we get out BFP this month.

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