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Cramps, spot of dark brown blood, BFN, help please...

Can anyone help me pretty please?

I'm somewhere between 8dpo and 12dpo and have had bad AF like cramps for four days. This morning I tested negative and then had some dark brown on my towel when I came out of the bath. When I wiped myself there was a tiny blob of dark brown. Since then nothing!

I never usually get dark brown before my period, I just cramp the day before and then it comes properly.

Could I be pregnant? Could the cramps and blood be implantation related?

I had a miscarriage in September and have been trying since. All starting to get on top of me and was really hoping this is our month.

Any advice would be much appreciated,


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Hi Minnie, it definitely sounds positive if its not usual for you to spot! It's probably early for a BFP. Unfortunately I spot each cycle, normally 10dpo onwards but this cycle I've been spotting from around 6dpo. I'm sure mine's not IB. AF due tomorrow so we'll see. Good luck to you! x

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