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What do you ladies think?

Good Evening ladies!
Not too sure if you saw any of my previous threads but my husband is currently deployed and we tried to concieve our second child right before he left. I'm currently breastfeeding my seven month old daughter and I havent had a period in two months. I know breastfeeding can not make you have a period but with that being said my periods have been normal since Ive given birth to her.
Anyways, back in June I had gotten a couple lines on pregnancy tests and others were negitive. I went to the doctors to get a pregnancy blood test and that was negitive but I also thought I was still too early in the pregnancy. The doctors think I had a chemical pregnancy because I bled pretty bad. Well, today I decided to use my HI BeBe Fetal Hearbeat Doppler for the hell of it. I know it's werid. I ofcourse heard my heartbeat and I kept moving it around and it sayed on 170 for about a 30 secounds. This happened early in the pregnancy with my daughter as well. We could hear a heartbeat until 15 weeks but I would get a heartrate that was 160. Now, my question is, is that normal. Would that mean I'm actually pregnant? As of right now, I would be 12 weeks so it would be a little early to hear anything but for 170-175 to show up isn't that a little odd? What do you guys think? I will be making an appointment on Monday.

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I didn't want to read and run, but it could be possible. Just try not to stress out about it too much until your appointment. I wish you luck!

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