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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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temps keep rising...

please look at my chart, i have been charting on my own fo r4 months now and have not seen anything like this before... so i decided to sign up for FF, finally. So not only is there a temp dip on my chart, but my temps are higher the last three days than they have ever been. I am supposed to see on tuesday the 9th of august so 2 more days... i am 9 dpo today.. insght please!!!!

My Ovulation Chart

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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It is a good sign to see a dip then higher temps, I had one last month and was not PG though. FF will only consider your chart triphasic, meaning 3 levels of temps if the dip happens between 7-10 dpo.

I think you can't really tell much from a chart except when you O your temp rises, when you are about to get AF it drops, and if you are pregnant your temp will remain high and not dip for AF. So any higher maintained temps is a good sign but not necessarily a PG sign.

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