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Have I done enough this month?

Hi ladies I'm new here so looking for your expert opinions! Ok, so I had ewcm at the weekend and my first positive opk on Monday, (since being on the depo injection) me and hubby bd the night of positive opk and the following night too, but I'm worried this may not be enough as I've been reading about ovulation that it can be 48 hrs after positive opk, so I'm hoping I've not missed the boat by not bd last night too?

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Hey hon didnt want to r&r, your hubbies little spermies can live quite happily for up to 5 days I believe. So even if you released the egg a day or two after you should have some happy little swimmers still hanging around.

Plus I think ewcm is great "food" (ewwww lol) for sperm, helping to keep them going.

Hope that helps

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Your fertile window includes a few days before ovulation too so even if you didn't BD on the exact day of ovulation, you should be OK.

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