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*---Your DPO---&&---Symptoms!!---*15 BFPs!!!*

Hiya Ladies!

This is my first month TTC for baby #2!

I thought it would be super fun to have a thread to where we say what DPO we are and what symptoms we are getting.

When a lady get's her BFP I will update this message and consolidate each one of their DPO's and Symptoms so it will be easy for you guys to see what to expect each DPO for a BFP!!

Sooo Today I am...

4 DPO - Extremely Nauseous, Sharp Stomach pains. And So tired it's rediculous! I slept 11 hours last night, and it feels like I haven't slept in 3 days. Either getting sick... or preggers!! Fingers X'ed!


MrsFoster -
5 DPO - Some Spotting, Super Tired, headaches, cramping, stuffy nose, and sore bb's, twitches in right ovary/uterus

MrsRB -
8 DPO - back ache, full and painful boobs -feels like someone is putting a needle through my nipples :O ) , bloating on lower abdomen, pulling pain/twitch on right hand side of uterus (or that area!). very emotional
9 DPO - Got extra sleepy
11 DPO - I got kinda sick...which almost never happens! This lasted like 4days plus still i was tired.
14 DPO - I started being super gassy
3 or 4 days late for period -mild cramping for the last 3days and I thought AF was coming, very gassy, BBs are sensitive.


LovingBaby - In my 2WW, I had acne which i usually get before AF, but it was more intense and kept coming a day or 2 after missing AF. Also had slight, re-occuring cramping long before expecting AF, usually get them 2-3 days prior but was getting them 5-6 days prior. Still have got them a little up until now.
Got cravings for triscuit crackers and philly dip for like an entire week, wanted them alllll the time. i swear i ate 10 boxes or so :/ That went away after though, thank god! Not a too healthy craving.
Was also quite moody, the poor boyfriend :/

SLCmommy -
3 DPO - Twinges near my pelvic area, headache
4 DPO - light nausea, watery CM, low but hard cervix, stomach cramps like AF
5 DPO - increased appetite, BFN today
6 DPO (today) - FATIGUE slept until noon, + a nap..and I could sleep right now again...,
tender bbs but there not THAT noticeable..just a slight tenderness in the "meat" of my breasts, BFN today
7 DPO - siatic pain (weird, huh?) and increased smell sensitivity.
11 DPO - All symptoms gone.
12 DPO - BFP!! =]

Lildreamy -
4 DPO - Extremely Nauseous, Sharp Stomach pains. And So tired it's rediculous!
I slept 11 hours last night, and it feels like I haven't slept in 3 days.
5 DPO - Just constipated...eww tmi lol, light headaches
and really tired. Oh and I had Heart burn last night???
I never had it before except when I was pregnant so maybe??
--And edit--- It's nearing the end of the day and I am 100% drained... maybe it's
the weather? My back and head is KILLING me. And getting a minor cold and sore throat.
6 DPO - fever of 102.5 fahrenheight/39.17 Celsius. I have a headache, body aches, cramping, a small cold (sneezeing runny nose/and stuffed up), ear ache, sore throat and a low grade fever, mild Achne, small amount of white cm. And VERY gassy and bloated.Oh and I'm having weird pinching feelings in my Left Ovary... not sure what a twinge is... is that a twinge??Emotional, Heightened sense of smell, and Not wanting food.
7 DPO - And not much symptoms for me, minus a cold, not wanting to eat much, backache, and headache. I have very LITTLE creamy cm.. icky... but that's it. From all the sickness/tylenol and lack of eating I prob ruined my chances. Good luck to everyone else!!
8 DPO - A little bit of Veiny BB's, some tingeling in BB's, A little creamy cm, acne, and really emotional crying over nothing.
9 DPO - Cramping, Head ache, exhaustion, and A cold.
10 DPO - ... i think...Nothing really today... Except I felt something weird in my uterus...
or maybe I'm imagining it.. lol. Laying on my stomach it felt like I Felt it expand. But probably just gas. LOL.
11 DPO - Gave up all hope... thought AF was coming for sure.
13 DPO - BFP!! =]

8-9 DPO - and it looks like I got a mini boob Looks like they grew over night.
I also woke up starving! I am not overly sleepy tho....mouth is dry and a little white cm

swollen boobs last week, but since then, no symptoms

1 DPO - full, swollen breasts.
1-5 DPO - sensitive nipples
3-4 DPO - abdominal and back ache, such as when AF arrives.
3-5 DPO - white thick CM, a loooot of it, along with itchy vaginal sensation *TMI* sorry.
5 DPO - so far a little bit darker nipples and areolas, veins quite visible. Full and Achey Boobs.
6 DPO - so far feeling in my abdomen as if AF has arrived, pelvic pressure as well.
7 DPO - so far changing temp's, before 7 dpo they were around 37 degrees, since 7dpo they're around 36,6 degrees, which has never happend before, and is totally unusual for lutheal phase!!
7-8 DPO - breasts are still full, heavy but not that sore any more. However I've
noticed those blue vains around nipples and Montgomery bumps as well, areolas are a bit darker aswell

4-5 DPO - 4-5 DPO today!

During the previous couple of days I've had following symptoms:

1. Sensitive nipples, they're kind of bigger, tender and full breasts.
2. Cramps during previous 2 days (both stomach and back ache).
3. CM turned into white rubberish think kind of stuff (normally it's creamy/milky after O)
4. I've been nausea this morning, just don't feel like eating anything.
5. I've some strang itchy feeling "down there".

9 DPO - Dry cm


11 DPO - BFN
12 DPO - feeling really sick, I've been ill with a chest infection but when I was sick it was just phlegm on the stomach but now I keep throwing up in my mouth (lovely image I know) just a little but it's really strong sick. Also really tired and it's only 9am here and I already have loads of CM in my pants. No sign of AF either, boobs still swollen and vieny, but not really sore, feeling very bloated. Going to test tomorrow I think with FMU and then wait until AF is a no show to test again x
13 DPO - cramping in my stomach, had really sensitive nipples last night, back ache and a horrible taste in my mouth.
14 DPO - Due on on Friday no sign of AF...feeling really rather sick this morning, also getting hot flashes, weird pattern of CM and terrible back ache. Boobs a little achey to the touch but nothing extreme...don't know what to think...feeling out after the BFNs but we'll just have to see xx
16 DPO - 2 days late for my period and had a negative day before period is due feeling a little sick and have back ache and tingly nipples and thats it

26 day cycle:

1 dpo: milky cm, cervix high, light cramping
2 dpo: milky cm, cervix high, light cramping
3 dpo: creamy cm, restless sleep, crampy/bloated, 3 HUGE pimples on my chin!
4 dpo: milky cm, crampy, cervix dropped
5 dpo: extremly pimply, bbs are sore like around af
6 dpo: feels as if AF is coming, had a dream i was haing a girl, upset stomach.
7 dpo: light cramping, still milky cm.
8 dpo: another dream i was pregnant, cervix high and soft.
9 dpo: heaps of milky cm, pink blood ( implantation) cervix still soft. bbs quite sore.
10 dpo: slight queezyness, tired as soon as i woke, no cm? faint bfp!
11 dpo: off my food, small amount of cm, cervix soft and closed tested in am another (3-4 days before af)


I know it would be too early to get symptoms as there is no way implantation would of occured yet. But they are there not in my head and also I have just been to the loo and I have sorry TMI wet knickers, soaked! there is loads of CM, I have never had that after ovulation, I hope its a good sign. I dont normally get it on my underwear. As implantation wouldnt of occured yet I am wondering if your body still can give you early signs due to other hormones reacting differently. I dont know if that can happen, but its odd that loads of women have CM that doesnt go away after ovulation and go on to have a BFP. Only time will tell I guess, but I think the metal mouth is the nicorette gum.

So today, well 3dpo, some more cm, not as much as yesterday, however its still there and lotioney and watery today. I had some aches low down on my left which really hurt then felt like I was being poked from the inside. Boobs hurt, more spots, gassy, poor DH tonight,lol!!!!

Well I have been a busy bee today, had lunch with my parents, saw my adorable 5 month nephew and basically have been relaxing today. On the TTC front I am having lots more CM, there was loads of it when I checked my CP, it just kept coming and coming, I so hope this is it, if its not then I will be very confused. Nipples are sore too and have been having some cramps this evening. Also, I have noticed I have been weeing more.

Well today I have had terrible cramps, not as bad as AF but nearly, I had to take painkillers and even they arent helping much so that shows you how bad they are. I am really hoping it could be a sign of implantation. I had oodles of cm last night and have quite abit today, but I am finding I have more by late evening. Felt a tad sick too and made cheese on toast for my lunch and the smell made my stomach turn.

For me well yesterday had a real sharp pain inside for about 5 mins, a few niggles, stuffy nose, itchey boobs and having stabbing pains. I shot out of bed at 01:30 with terrible heartburn and downed loads of gaviscon, I slept with the bottle by my side, it was awful, I couldnt lay down for a bit after Also got up for a wee and thats not like me. Also had a horrid headache, not one of my normal ones, I was hot and was very very tired but got a second wind at 9pm! Today so far nothing, will keep you posted. My i.c. arrived today so gonna start testing Tue/Wed and will expect BFN as AF not due until 25 Jan!Thanks Louise and just had loads of cm, normally I am dry or just have sticky cm by now. So I do hope so! My mum has just rang telling me I should have another baby!! God she goes on but I havent told her we are TTC!!! Our secret!xx

Louse its sounds really promising hun, cant wait for tomorrows instalment. Hi Imogen hope you are OK, how confusing about your cycle, use the i.c. I have some too, I done one today mid afternoon, dont know why, bored and curious! I am feeling sooo moody today I could explode, that is not like me at all, its a weird feeling! Very very irritable! I am feeling out today, I know its early but I just do, not so much cm today which has annoyed me just sticky and sometimes wet. I am really hating this 2ww this month its doing my head in! Boobs dont seem that sore either!

Right I dont think I have missed anyone so onto me! I have been having what feels like pins and needles low down. I have just been to the loo, whilst there is no cm in knicks on checking cp there is loads, lotioney more than anything but I noticed 3 or 4 lumps in it but thats it, weird never had that not ever, it doesnt smell or itch, someone else asked me today on another thread what that meant before I had mine and told her it is a good sign, its weird how all of a sudden I have it, so I am really hoping. My boobs are very sore and itchy today and I have been sweating just hoovering, its ridiculous how I have been feeling and thirsty, very dry throat, abit sore! Also one thing i have noticed but cant see this as a symptom but will still share it with you, from my pubic bone to my belly button I seem to be itchy, especially just above my pubic bone very odd! All this probably means bugger all again! What sort of CM do you have if you are pregnant? I cant remember back to my last pregnancies. I am totally obsessed with CM. Yesterday I was very very irritable but thankfully today I am in a good mood. Could that be a sign, lol!!

9dpo - BFP

Imogen well I might be joinging you, I just took a 10miu ebay test and have a super faint line, without telling my kids what it was I asked them if they could see it, and they could! It has a light pink tinge and was visible within the time limit, I have been holding it up to lamps, light bulbs the lot!!lol!! Even turning it around to see if I could see it from behind!!!Nuts I know!!!lol!!! So I am hoping to have a darker line, I am only 9dpo I had done it an hour after a wee and just had alot to drink, I wasnt gonna test tonight but just had the urge!!! Also today I picked my sister up and when she got in the car I said I can smell burning she said I burnt my toast earlier this morning, how odd I would smell it so strong!! I have also been baking hot today, sweating in fact I have had to put t-shirt on I am boiling. I have a mouthful of ulcers but that could be due to the no smoking. My boobs are hot and very sore too!!!!!! This is so exciting.


got my :BFP: on what i think is 10dpo (FF was wrong)

Ill just list my symptoms

AF 10th Nov 2011
O 28th Nov (CD19) - Tender BB's & Increased Sex-Drive

CM - Wet
CP - M/F
Full Ferning on salvia O stick


CP - didnt check sorry
No Ferning on saliva O stick
Fatigue & Cold like symptoms (Heaqdaches, sore/raw throat & blocked sinus')
Flutters in Uterus

CM - Wet
Heartburn only symptom

CM - Creamy
CP - L/M
No Symptoms.. me thinking I am out this month again

CF - Creamy
CP - M/F
Full ferning on saliva O stick
Cramps, Irritability (had a COMPLETE meltdown) Bloated, Cold Symptoms again (thought i'd caught DD Flu.. Throat felt on fire and red raw, couldnt swallow properly), Gassy (big time was quite embarrassing) Stabbing/hot feeling in left nipple ONLY, High Sense of Smell (but i thought that might have been cause the car in front of us while driving smelt really bad (ran on gas not petrol) and my Air Con was NOT on reverse cycle) and I just Felt like the was on her way... (IMPLANTATION DAY I THINK - temp dip on my FF chart)

CP - H/M
CM - CReamy
CRamps, Gassy, Diarrhea, burping lots during the morning

CP - L/F i thought AF was on her way.. THEN in the afternoon CP was H/S
CM - Watery
Veiny & much heavier BB's

CP - H/S
CM - Watery
No other symptoms yet


Here is my list.

5 DPO - 5DPO I only have a TON of white cteamy cm, lots of potty breaks, and tender BB's and thats it for today!

6DPO - I'm really sick. Have a fever, flu like symptoms, and a cold. Extreme amount of Creamy white cm. Never happened before in any of my pregnancies, so maybe that means I'm out. And my last pregnancy I had flu like symptoms as well and ended in an MC... so I'm a bit scared. The normal lots of potty breaks, extreme headache and the WORSTE BACKACHE I have ever had in my life... fever probably helps its hurt.
And I'm extremely tired but again probably because I'm sick.

6-7 DPO - tired today and a bit emotional, I have an EXTREME amount of creamy cum... like real bad. Body Aches, Head ache, back ache, cold, and frequent potty breaks.
Had dreams last night but nothing baby related and not too too vivid

7 DPO - Achey Boobies, headache, creamy cm, and cold.

7 or 8 DPO - new symptom, My legs are COVERED in Veins

9 DPO - I feel faint, Exhausted, and I had a needle pain in my left nipple. And last night I had a needle pain bottom left under my belly button

10 DPO - I slept 12 hours last night

11 DPO - Negative HPT
12 DPO - Negative HPT
13 DPO - Almost invisible positive appears Bathroom beaks every 30 minutes


5dpo -
So this morning when I went to the loo I noticed there was some discoloration on my undies and thought
"thats weird" so I put on a pad to see if more would come, by lunch nothing was there but by evening
when I checked there was a very veery small amount of brownish,more like a stain, when I went to the
loo and wiped sure enough there was a pinkish hue to it.
SO I am torn, it could either be:
a.) implantation spotting
b.) an infection inside somewhere (as I still have yeast infection type symptoms)

I had a tugging/ annoying pain beneath my belly button at dinner time but I remember I have felt that
before in previous cycles, but I feel a wee bit bloated and am having little pains here and there ongoing
for the last few days. bb's arent sore but get a quick itchy feeling now and then.


Just now got another huge dizzy spell. gaghkk!!! Maybe this is it?

7 DPO -
Yesterday the cm was still in abundance, but there was a yellow tinge to it. <?>
Bb's are tender, achy down there and cramps inside vaginal wall like after a pap test....
Emotional yesterday, we'll see how today goes.
I went to the dr. yesterday and he said I have thrush and gave me a prescription for a pill
that will clear it up, should be gone completely by tomorrow. He said that it wont harm a baby
if I am preggo. he also said that it wouldnt have caused my other symptoms like vertigo/ cramps.
This morning still have lotiony/bubbly cm.This morning temp dipped below coverline
I dreamt last night that a girl from work announced at the dinner table that my hcg hormone was
35 and I was mad at her for announcing it like that because thats my place to do. then in the dream she was like
"well you've been testing everyday havent you?" and I was like "who cares and thats none of your business"

9 DPO -
quick update for symptom spotting:
-Temp spiked this AM and was sweating all night.
-had to get up at 2am two nights ago and again last night to wee
-had fluttering at 2am as well last night and a bit of heartburn
-bbs ached yesterday on and off, not as bad today (right now anyway)
-lots of EWCM this morning which is entirely new this did not happen last cycle
-pain to the left of my belly button and cramps on and off at my cervix (?)
-dry heaved before my first sip of coffee, but sometimes this happens to me if I eat late the night before

Did a FRER and got nothing but an indent line. but still too early as af is (possibly) five days away.

10 DPO -
Fell asleep after lunch and woke up in a full sweat
Also Ive been craving oysters and this afternoon Ive been eating plain yogurt (GROSS) but I have to say I
am enjoying it.

12 DPO -

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11 DPO and nothing had slight cramping 8,9 and 10 DPO and was feeling fatigued all last week but it could be due to my anemia. I think im out already.

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I'm also 11 dpo and have been getting quite a few symptoms the past few days.....gassy, bloated, weepy/moody, sore boobs/nipples, some nausea, increased libido....etc! I'm getting what I consider bfn's still so not too optimistic this month. This is my first true month at ttc #4 though. No signs of af coming in a few days.

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Aw hun. Some people never get any symptoms! It's not too late for a BFP. Good luck!!!

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That's very true. I didn't know I was pregnant with my 2nd until I tested on a whim (I was switching bc and just wanted to be sure). I had no symptoms at all.

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I am 18DPO and no signs of AF..she was supposed to be here 2 days ago! 5DPO some spotting, been SUPER tired, headaches, cramping, stuffy nose, and sore bb's...not sore to the touch though. Its kinda hard to explain how they feel, I guess achey is the right word for it! I had some twitches in my right ovary/uterus. Gonna wait a few more days and see what happens, I am kinda crampy today so FX'd!!!!

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I am 10dpo today, tested this morning...bfn, not feeling so hopeful as any symptoms I had are gone now Here is a list of my "symptoms" day by day:

~My symptoms~

1 dpo - mild cramps, low backache, very tired
2 dpo - mild cramps, low backache, tired, small amount of white creamy CM
3 dpo - white creamy cm, weird achy feeling off and on in bbs, eating more than usual
4 dpo - very faint achy feeling in bbs, small amount of white creamy CM
5 dpo - gassy, bubbly belly, backache, white creamy cm
6 dpo - felt sickly in the AM, gas pains, very soft stool, white creamy cm, twinges in uterus
7 dpo - sides of bbs are sore, off and on, cramps
8 dpo - white creamy cm, vivid dream
9 dpo - sides of bbs sore on and off
10 dpo -
11 dpo -
12 dpo - AF due

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I'm 4dpo, had no symptoms really except sore bbs, but I always have that...then this evening I have sharp shooting pains in my lower abdomen, and a bad headache....other than that nadda!

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Originally Posted by mrsfoster View Post
I am 18DPO and no signs of AF..she was supposed to be here 2 days ago! 5DPO some spotting, been SUPER tired, headaches, cramping, stuffy nose, and sore bb's...not sore to the touch though. Its kinda hard to explain how they feel, I guess achey is the right word for it! I had some twitches in my right ovary/uterus. Gonna wait a few more days and see what happens, I am kinda crampy today so FX'd!!!!
Wow, good luck to you, sounds promising

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I am hoping so...I had pinkish when I wiped the day of AF...It could be my month!

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