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Stressed! Egg white cm after ovulation?? Help!

Hey all I am a bit stressed here
Hell all

I got a smily face opk on my clear blue fri afteroon....I have been BDing since last mon-wed....fri night and sat morning.

I just BDed and have a lot of egg white cm!....if I got a positive opk fri on CBDO..smily face, I did t again on Saturday and smily face.....I am not sure if I O'd if I am still getting egg white you think it was because I was aroused?? If I got the smiley face on fri, shouldn't that have meant I Oed Sunday for the latest?

I hope we BDed enough...I am so

Ps.....I have not been checking my temp...only using clear blue digital ovulation kit

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OPKs can't always confirm ovulation. They say to BD every time you see EWCM as you could be fertile. However, I've had EWCM after confirmed ov (through BBTs). Last cycle, I had it around the middle of the TWWW and again right before AF. Now that you're paying attention to your CM, you might just be noticing what's "normal" for you. I would advise that even if you aren't charting temps, to chart your CM so that you can begin to see a pattern.

Also, semen has a similar look/feel to EWCM, so if you JUST BD'ed, it could be that. Semen doesn't usually "stretch" like EWCM does though, so you can differentiate that way.

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