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Light spotting on the day my period is due?

Normally my period is VERY heavy from day one. Usually I'll notice some light spotting when I potty and then a few hours later, it's flowing heavily. Well, I was expecting my period on Thursday and I got some pink spotting when I wiped maybe around noon. So I put on a pad but there was nothing in it by the time I went to potty again. I expected to have a full flow when I woke up on Friday but nope. Still just spotting brown-ish when I went to potty all day. I woke up this morning (Saturday) and had a very light flow with a lot of cramps all day. It's kind of like day 4 or 5 (very light) flow but with cramps. I actually think it stopped mostly now.

Could I possibly be pregnant? I got BFN on Wednesday so I'm thinking probably not. It's also very late for implantation bleeding. What other reasons could cause this to happen? Is today day one of my period or was Thursday?

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can't really help just didn't want to r and r i would test again xx

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Hi bnbkp. Our cycles can change throughout our life (most commonly in our 30s). Sometimes the changes are short lived, others stick around for a while. Colds, lower immunity, diet change and stress can contribute to a lighter, shorter period. If you recently stopped birth control, this is likely the cause. Of course, you also hear stories of women who ended up being pregnant and still bled a little, so I'd keep testing.

On a personal note, I had a really strange period last month that was spotty/light flow and lasted on 3 days. It didn't mean anything for me.

Good luck!

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