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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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2 weeks late for AF,negative blood and hpts??

im ttc and had the worst ttw ever!to make it worse im now 2 weeks late for AF.1 DPO i had spotting that lasted 10 days,definetly wasnt AF as it was all dark brown DC and no red at all.This was accompanied with AF cramping and metallic taste in mouth and also a few twinges here and there.When it stopped (at 10 days) i decided to take another OPK just in case i had read the last 1 wrong,it was positive again....hmm.That day I got severe cramping on my right side ovary for half hr,it was so bad i had trouble walking. A few days later got AF cramping again on/off for a few days then it went away.half way through the 10 days of spotting my bbs started hurting lightly which has increased with intensity every day since and im now in a lot of pain in my bbs,last time they were this painful i was pregnant!every couple of days i get AF cramping then it goes away.I had a blood test done at 4 days late and it was negative,i took a HPT at 11 days late and was negative,is it possible to have negative tests this late and still be pregnant? I have endometriosis also but never been this late or had spotting b4 especially midcycle.

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