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When people say 'I'm 4 DPO etc,' are the counting the days after getting a positive OPK? Or do people get that positive then add a day or so on, knowing that the egg is usually released AFTER that surge?

Just trying to work out where i am... although you would think i'd know with two children already haha!!

Thanks in advance xx

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Mostly I think its easier if you chart,then you get a clear picture of when you ov'd,but if people just go by opks,I think they generally take a pos opk as indication they will ov the next day,hope that helps for now,but I'm sure someone much more knowledgable will pop in and help you out,because I'm quite new to this too!

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It's easier for the guys who do the BBT method they know exact day the O happened. For me, I use the CBFM so I count 1DPO as day after 2nd peak. I think most people who aren't BBT count about 2 days after 1st OPK. (I could be wrong there!)

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