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ovulating from both ovaries???

ok so I am freaking out but in a good way. I used 50mg of unprescribed indian clomid from CD 2 thru 5 and then 75mg on cd 6 this cycle. I did the clomid to move my ovulation date to a normal date for me because I had been ovulating late since my miscarriage, which isn't normal for me anyway. I was wondering if someone who has either conceived twins or experienced ovulation from both ovaries, did you know for sure? I have felt ovulation pains in BOTH ovaries! Here is what happened:

CD 16 @ 2am, painful ovulation pains on right side and lower back pain on right side, got my first positive OPK later that day around 6pm

CD 17 @ 2am, painful ovulation pains on the left side with af cramps, OPK still blazing positive

CD 18 @ 8:30am, very painful ovulation pains again on the right side, OPK still positive

Please let me know ladies. Thanks and baby dust!

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Oh i've ovulated from both ovaries on Clomid (btw why indian clomid?), it was a similar thing for me. Although i also got general crampy and sharp pains all over my lower abdomen last month. They said i had up to 6 eggs so could have been that (clomid dose too high!). Hope this helps

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