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Originally Posted by NennaKay View Post
I graduate from college in May 2013 , so ideally I would love to fall pregnant in September/October of 2012 so I could have the baby during summer break. Then I wouldn't have to worry about maternity leave, as I am going to be a teacher.

The likelyhood of things falling together as such are not good though. Especially since my OH is our sole income while I am going to school and he just lost his job in April. Yuck!
I'm a teacher as well and that WAS my dream - to have the baby during summer break, it didn't turn out that way (we had a December baby), but it actually turned out really well for us though. I'm hoping for a September baby this time around....we'll see how it turns out. I see that you're in the midwest as well - which state, if you don't mind me asking?

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there is a chance i will be doing this too- will be going off BCP just before I finish my degree towards the holidays.

I think your best chance is to get off BC for a few months prior to make sure your regular- and THEN... test when you ovulate, and when you are, literally have sex 5-10 times that day lol. it can be done haha. then try that for 3 months, if it doesn't work then try again the next year of your degree...

goodluck hun


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