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Please help! dry CM, Low soft cervix

Hi ladies.
I am checking my CM past 6 months and always on CD11 I start getting abundant EWCM. My cycles are 29days long. But this time, now, I am on CD13 and CM is dry to sticky and very little. My cervix seems to be very low and soft. That doesn't sound like a correct combination. Please please please help!

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Whew, I have no idea!! Have you tried posting this in the ttc forum? I see that you're wttc but someone over there may have more information for you.

I do know that our cycles are rarely regular and every now and then we all will have an "off" cycle, where things are a little wonky for us. Maybe you're just having a weird cycle? Idk, I keep up with my CM but not my CP as I'm always fearful of giving myself an infection or introducing bad bacteria up in there... so I haven't the slightest about what that might mean.

Are you on I know they have a ton of info on charting, they're my go-to source on anything fertility related. I'm sure they have some answers on the FAQ!

Good luck!

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A low cervical position and sticky dry CM usually means you aren't fertile at the moment. How quickly do you usually change from being dry/sticky to EWCM? It could just be you are running a bit late this month or perhaps you're having an anovulatory cycle (1 in 10 cycles doesn't result in ovulation for normal, healthy women, sometimes our bodies just need to skip a month). If you normally develop EWCM very quickly after being dry, it could be you'll be ovulating in a few days though. Plus ots of things can affect CM - being sick, taking certain medications or vitamins, being dehydrated, etc. Do you chart or otherwise know when you typically ovulate?

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Hmm I was going to say maybe your cycle may run differently this month. Some things just throw us off pattern but the body usually regulates itself. Has there been any change today?

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