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Weight Gain???

Just wondering....I have been reading about weight gain when coming off the pill.
Does anyone know of this or does it just differ from one person to the next?

I thought you would lose weight lol

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Yikes, I've never heard that and just went off the pill last weekend! I hope it's not true for me! I have always heard you gain while on it, but never while off it! I'm busy trying to lose a couple of pounds, don't want to gain them back!!

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I've only heard of weight gain going on the pill, too. I suppose anything that messes our hormones about could cause weight gain/loss. Personally, I stopped the pill in March and I've lost a couple of pounds. However, the weight-loss could be from having a bad bout of flu in that time.

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I've actually heard you should lose weight coming off the pill. Perhaps for some people it has to do with just stress of their hormones changing or with the stress of TTC? Just eat healthy and get some exercise and I'm sure you'll be fine.

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