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Just to confirm as well: I'm taking prescription pre-natal vitamins with 5mg folic acid because I was on another medication that saps the body of the stuff. I just got off that other medication last week and was told I could continue the 5mg up until the end of first tri at which time I'd have to switch to 1mg. In my case I don't think it's causing any trouble because the vitamins are balanced to maximize absorption. There are 2 pills/day with different things in them, so most of the vitamins are taken in the morning whereas folic acid is taken at night. I agree that it's very important to have higher than normal folic acid intake regulated by a doctor since too much of anything can be bad!

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When i was ttc i was prescribed 5mg perscription (oh has spine disease)
and i wouldnt worry about too much folic acid. When i was pregnant i was always really sick, AND on the prenatals (which also has folic acid) and would throw up after taking it. I was scared i was missing out on my folic acid so i asked if i should re-take it after being sick. My dr said not to take the prentals twice, as too much could be dangerous, but as for the folic acid to take it if i wanted. You cant overdose on folic acid, if there is too much you just pee it out she said.
Thats my experience. :P

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