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Thanks! That's only my halfway mark but I'm still super excited about it!

Hopefully the next 2 are much more calm! And if you wait long enough for #2 your dd might be in school which should help give you some time with the new baby!

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Old Jul 25th, 2012, 22:46 PM   12
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We are waiting until late Aug/ early September to start trying for number two. Carter will be 27-ish months when we start ttc and will be three when number two is born. I am very excited, but worried, because I also baby sit a boy full time. So along with a newborn, I will have two three year olds.

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Hey im 23 & my daughters 3 1/2 . My husbands in the army & we are now currently stationed in Tennessee. His time is up next yr in Oct so where looking into buying a house in may. But i think now is the right time to have our #2 because i only wanted them to be 3 yrs apart but with the whole moving around & him deploying has been a lil hard. So it didn't go as planned. Now they will be almost 5 yrs apart depending on how long it will take for me to get pregnant.i have an app on monday to take off my amplanon.i only been on it for 2 i hope it happens fast......

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