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I wouldn't worry about it. There really is no such thing as 'too low' with BBT (okay, maybe if it was 92F but then you would be getting towards hypothermia!). There's no such thing as 'normal' BBT temps, only what's normal for you. I certainly had temps in that range with I was charting. It wasn't a typical temp for me, but it certainly happened. Once you do it for a while you'll get a sense of what's typical for you, but if you're on CD2, don't stress. It might be what your pre-O temps are like, or it could be you slept with your mouth open, or your a/c was on too high, or your battery is getting low, or whatever. But that isn't an unusual temp, just keep at it and see what happens in the next month or two. Good luck!

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I have the same low temps--- I usually run 96.5 and above... This morning I temped it was CD1 and my temp came back 97.18...but I've almost always had low temperature

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