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Originally Posted by I Love Lucy View Post
Originally Posted by Rootyboots View Post
Originally Posted by Wobbles View Post
Please Do Not Post BFP Announcements In This Section


All BFP announcements should be posted here:
BFP Announcements

If you have a pregnancy test that you are unsure of and wish to post a picture please post them in the Pregnancy Tests Gallery.

You can post your announcements and pictures in your WTT Journals.


Wobbles x

Hiya! Totally agree with this - just want to make that clear! However, I am going to start TTC in a few months, and I want to be clear of the procedure when I leave this forum... I have no wish to gloat or cause any upset to people still WTT. I know how hard it is to wait, after all! But what I'm not sure about is how you 'say goodbye' to people who have been your support network for however long. If you have to move over to the TWW, or the Pregnancy forums, it seems a little sad to just disappear without saying "Thank you, Good Night, and Good Luck," to all the lovely ladies who have been so kind and supportive! But then, I wouldn't want to upset any of them, either.

I guess my question is - is it okay to make a post saying: "Hey guys, my WTT time is up, I wish you all the best!" Is that just as insensitive as announcing a BFP? Advice would be appreciated!

I don't start to TTC until February, but I would like to have this clear! xx

Thank you!!
Many members post goodbye threads when they're heading to TTC. I've never found that upsetting nor do I recall ever reading about it being upsetting for anyone. For the most part, I believe your WTT friends will be happy that your TTC date has arrived.
I agree, there is nothing wrong with stating your going to TTC! Its just the other posts that can be heartache. Its totally cool to announce why you wont be in WTT anymore, and people will be happy for you

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Some people clearly haven't read this and I find it a bit upsetting tbh. I can't bear to look at other people's hpt when I want it so badly.

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Thank you!

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