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An O/T Rant

I am soo incredibly sick of people who do not do their jobs right. Last fall we had the house painted. There are no less than 80 bubbles all over the house now. Painter refused to fix it and gave my mother back $600 - which isn't going to cover the cost of doing it right. The only areas that aren't bubbling are the ones I scraped, primed, and painted 2 years ago.

Today was our third week of the new cleaning ladies (to help out since all my time is taken up with LO and ill dad). Well, they got fired too! They didn't clean under any of the furniture (despite a note politely asking them to do it this week), left a rotting plum under a bureau in the living room (which we discovered this morning but decided to leave to test them), and blew all the fuses in the house despite being told repeatedly not to operate the vacuums whilst 3 air conditioners were on. Anyways, it looks like a 5 year old tried to clean the house... so they are gone.

Why can't people just ever do something right?

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Oh dear! I know exactly what you mean. Whenever I work I'm there to be paid so I'm 100% committed too it. But it seems that others just don't have this work ethic, and just test to see how much they can get away without getting into trouble.

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I hear that!!!
I hate it in my job when I go back from one of my days off to find the relief worker has made a complete pigs ear of the place and not done what they e supposed to do grrrr! X

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