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****Broody and Babbling till 2014****

Welcome to the official WTT until 2014 thread! Feel free to introduce yourselves! Those of us that were part of the previous thread.... you are can re-introduce yourselves if you would like.

We will be each others support through the next 16 months or more!

I think I got everyone! Let me know if you would like to be added!

Broody and Babbling till 2014!!!
Accounts2010, WTT # 2
angiepie, WTT # 1
Anglebaby_01, WTT # 2
apple_20, WTT # 2
AussieChick, WTT
Baby babbler, WTT
babybaker2011, WTT # 2
babydino, TTC # 1
BabyDust20, WTT # 1
BabyS14, WTT # 1
BeachyFeelin, WTT # 1
Beffy, WTT # 1
BoomerSooner8, WTT
bloominbroody, WTT # 3
bornthiswayxo, WTT # 1
Buddysmum89, WTT # 2
BumbleBee10, WTT # 1
Bumblebee117, WTT # 3
caite, WTT # 1
callumsmummy, WTT # 2
cazzi77, WTT # 2
crayoncrittle, WTT # 1
Dawnlouise30, WTT # 2
Eline, WTT # 1
Emmalovesnick, WTT # 1
Emma&Freya, WTT # 2
EmmyReece, WTT # 1
fairyy, WTT # 1
ImSoTired, WTT # 2
jamiemcbride1, WTT # 3
Jaxvipe, WTT # 2
Jennykins, WTT # 1
Jexter, WTT # 1
jessicasmum, WTT # 2
junemomma09, WTT # 3
KalonKiKi, WTT # 1
Kaylacrouch, WTT # 2
kellyrae, WTT # 3
KitteyKat2010, WTT # 2
LadyL, WTT # 2
LeahLou, WTT # 2
loeylo, WTT # 1
LovemyBubx, WTT # 2
luckz, WTT # 2
luvmyfam, WTT # 3
magicteapot, WTT # 2
MamaByrd, WTT # 1
mandaa1220, WTT # 1
MariposaTam, WTT
Mark&Annie, WTT # 3
MellyH, WTT # 1
Miss_Bump, WTT
Miss N8
Misstrouble 19
MoldyVoldy, WTT # 2
mommybearx, WTT # 2
momofone08, WTT # 3
Mrs. Vet, WTT
mum_someday, WTT #1
Mummy1506, WTT # 3
mummymunch, WTT # 2
Oceania, WTT # 1
Onions, WTT # 1
Platinumvague, WTT # 2
Poppiebug, WTT # 2
Pukite, WTT # 3
Quicksand, WTT # 1
Rachie004, WTT # 1
RainbowDrop_x, WTT
reidfidleir, WTT # 2
rhdr9193..x, WTT # 2
Sailorsgirl, WTT # 3
sambob, WTT # 1
SarahLou372, WTT # 1
Shareema, WTT # 3
Shineystar, WTT # 2
Shudknow, WTT # 1
skye93, WTT # 2
smallpeanut, WTT # 2
SoBroody91, WTT # 1
SophieEl, WTT # 1
Sparkle2, WTT # 2
su_grad2007, WTT # 1
Sunnylove, WTT # 1
sweetcee, WTT # 1
sweetpea2, WTT # 2
Swinx, WTT # 1
tasha41, WTT # 2
TaylorsMummyx, WTT # 3
teilana, WTT # 1
TickTockBaby, WTT # 1
Tove, WTT # 1
TTCbaby2011, WTT # 7
tuesdaysbaby, WTT # 1
tverb84, WTT # 1
Upsy daisy1, WTT # 2
wombatt, WTT # 1
wtbmummy, WTT #1
XLeeBeeX, WTT # 1
Younglove, WTT # 1
YoungMummy08, WTT # 3
Yo-Yo, WTT

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Hello, well I'll re-introduce myself :-) my name is Traci, I'm 29 and married to my love Mark for about 8 months now we were married December 17th!!!! So we'll be celebrating our 1 year anniversarys soon
We have two children, DD 9, and DS 3 my DD is in 4th grade and my DS is in preschool. We're currently waiting to try because we're both still in college. I'm graduating April 2013 and DH is graduating December 2013.
I'm currently in my 3rd semester of nursing school and soooo excited to finally get the "RN" behind my name DH is in his 4th term for Grad school, he's getting his doctorate of physical therapy!
We can't wait to finish so we can start ttc JANUARY 2014!!!!

I really look forward to getting to know all my ladies and can't wait till we're all bump buddies. We will have to start out very own bump thread once we get to that stage

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I'm WTT for #2 in 2014. Can I join you?

We've been together for 5 years, DD is 3.5. We are waiting for a few reasons, I was in an accident in February so I have to wait until I recover from my injuries (have to have another surgery & I need to go to a lot of physio after that too). I want to start school full time in September 2013, a 2-year nursing program, so I want to ideally be no more than 3-4 months pregnant when I graduate in 2015 (would finish in April). At that time I'd be eligible to bridge to a BScN or work as an RPN, and we'd cross that bridge when we come to it.

I have a Mirena in that comes out June 2014, so it doesn't make sense to get another at that time, I would just start charting etc, get used to having a period again and all that. My plan for now anyway!

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Guess I should re-introduce myself! My name is Stacey, I'm 29, married since 2007, been with DH since I was 15! We have 2 boys- Gabriel 3 and Jacob 9 months! We are WTT for age gap reasons, and would like to get some finances sorted. I am from Ohio and I'm an RN in a NICU. We are WTT until July/Aug 2014!!

So excited to have you girls to share the wait with !

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Welcome tasha41!

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Welcome Tasha!!! We love new people to join

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How are your weekends going?

Not much going on here- had a little impromptu girls' night at my friend's house last night, I read their tarot cards, we made fancy cocktails lol. Today I put DD to bed and then went to see ParaNorman (children's movie, but I thought it would be too scary for her & I really wanted to see it!)... tomorrow I have to work until 7pm

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Spending time with my boys and my Mom this weekend! Much needed time with my boys! DH stays at home with the boys, and I worked 5 12 hr shifts in a row. Tomorrow we are going out to dinner for my brothers birthday.

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Luvmyfam-my goodness, 5 12 hour shifts? Holy hell that's got to be tiring. Nice overtime though

I work yesterday, in fact I went to class all week, mon-fri and thu-sat had class the. Went to work right after till 7p. We had a mandatory clinical yesterday at our school for a mock MCI event. Utter chaos! Anywho, it's nice to have ONE day off in the midst of everything else. Though I still have lots of studying to do. I also have lots of errands today
And the fun part is I'm currently planning a surprise trip to Disney World!!!! so excited!! It's my graduation pressie, I'm graduating in April and that's when we're going. But it's a complete surprise for the kids. We're thinking of staying in the new resort Art of Animation in one of the little mermaid themed rooms. I think the kids would really love it! And I really love Disney. We're also planning a cruise for December 2013 for DH's graduation from graduate school. We want to go on the royal Caribbean allure! It looks like such a beautiful ship. Well 2013 is definitely going to have lots of fun and accomplishments for us and we're super ecstatic about it all.

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Hi all, can i join please?

My names Heather im 27 and married to Ste who nearly 32. we been together nearly 9 and half years and married for 4 years (on 1st december, which is also Ste's birthday ) . we have 1 child together our 7 year old daughter Jessica.

We are hoping to start trying to conceive December 2013/January 2014 for number 2!! this seems so long away at the moment but we do have a long list of things we need to achieve before we can start to try which should keep us very busy, im just hoping we can manage to do all the things by then

It will be nice to talk to other ladies out there who are waiting the same time as us as i dont have really any one other than my husband to talk to about these things as i would like to keep it a secret from my family until im 12 weeks pregnant and i dont really have any close friends

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