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Name: Cara
Age: 31 (32 in November)
Relationship status: Married

How long until TTC: October/November 2018
Reasons for WTT: Just got my IUD taken out after 3+ years. Initially got it out because of just realizing how different I'd become emotionally and physically after having it in and it was affecting my relationship. When my hubby and I sat down and talked about it we thought about how nice it would be to try for #2 since our DD is 3 1/2. When I got my IUD out I got about 4 months worth of pills and we hope that by the time those are out I will have a job, have insurance, and can get a checkup to discuss trying to conceive again.
Anything you want to accomplish while in WTT, before TTC: Get a job, insurance, and visit a doctor about my body and the process of TTC again
How many children would you like: 2 is probably going to be it for us since DH has 3 other children as well. Though I am kind of hoping for twins since they run in both our families. But basically, this is probably going to be the last baby/babies I have.

when pg...

Do you have a gender preference? So far all our children have been girls, it'd be nice to have a little boy.
Finding out the gender or team yellow? I'm actually very interested in not knowing the gender but my hubby wants to know.
Any names you like? Nothing particular.

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