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Friend with Molar pregnancy

Hi guys,
Today I found out my friend, who went for her 12 week scan today, has a molar pregnancy. She had a bleed 3 weeks ago and had a scan and was told everything was fine, then she went today to be told there was no heartbeat and it also looks like a partial molar. So upset for her, and it also makes me worry more about when we start trying and complications we may encounter - I know you can't think like that but just can't help it when it happens so close to home. haven't even had to encounter any of this yet, having never been regnant myself!! Argh lol x

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My SIL had a miscarriage a while back (she's at 34 weeks with her Rainbow now and doing just fine), and I'm definitely a lot more fearful of that happening to me or someone else than I was before that happened. Take care and try to to dwell on it.

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Before LO, I had a mmc and I think I dealt with it better because I knew that these things just happen. They're awful when they do, but you get through it. About 1 in 3 pregnancies end in early miscarriages, although a lot of those are ones the woman doesn't even know about. Once you reach your 12 week scan, the probability of something going wrong goes waaaay down. That's why it's a good idea to not get too excited before the 12 week scan. I know it can be scary, but think of it this way: the majority of pregnancies work out just fine. But while miscarriages are still scary, so many people go through them and are just fine a while down the line.

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What's a molar pregnancy?

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