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Pregnancy?? ~ HER2 Neu+ Breast Cancer

Hello Ladies,
I have HER2 Neu+ Breast Cancer. I have been ttc since I’ve gotten married back in November 2008 and had six (6) mc’s since then till last August 2012 when I was told this terrible news and have been receiving chemo treatment since. It stills rings in my head to have a family either by adoption or natural after this cancer is over. Yes I have one child but he’s not my husbands and I would love to allow my husband to experience fatherhood for the first time. Don’t get me wrong please…my husband loves my son like his own.

I have read on women having successful pregnancies after their chemo treatments but I was wondering if there is anyone here on babyandbump who had breast cancer, knew someone who did and is either waiting or trying to conceive again once all their treatment is completed or even stopped half way of their treatment to ttc then return to receiving their treatment once giving birth.

I hope there are successful stories on here…I look forward to reading from you…thank you once again for popping in.


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