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Old Jun 2nd, 2013, 14:19 PM   11
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Last year at this time, I was beginning my last year of grad school and feeling like it would never end. OH was working and taking classes and we were saving for a house and planned to ttc in November.

Now, I have graduated, OH is still at his job (which he loves and never plans to leave) and taking courses for his license (a couple more years on it due to the on the job training required) and we are looking at homes to buy. We are going to start ttc in late July because of ins programs which pay out if we conceive after July.

Next year, we should be in a home, with a newborn or me being pregnant and continuing with our chosen careers!

Fun thread!

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Old Jun 2nd, 2013, 14:33 PM   12
Waiting To Try (WTT)
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There was a thread like this last year, it was really interesting to look back on this year and see what had changed!

This time last year me and OH were living in our old house in another part of the country. I was hating work and just about to be signed off with depression, anxiety and stress. And in a couple of weeks I'd make the decision to start university.

This time next year I'll just be finishing my 2nd year. Hopefully my OH will be progressing nicely with his new career and we'll have more savings and a more solid wedding date.

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Old Jun 3rd, 2013, 18:27 PM   13
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Last year: My love just returned from Afghanistan where he was deployed for 7 months, so we were pretty much high on love. We were just about to go on our belated honeymoon, which was amazing. We both had full time jobs and a wonderful situation going on.

This year: DH just finished up his active duty military service. We're living with my parents in the apartment on their property. DH is going to school for his Bachelor's, I'm applying for jobs like crazy. Crossing my fingers that as soon as I get hired we can get outta here. As soon as that happens we'll be TTC.

One year from now: I hope to have just completed or be just completing my first year as a full-time classroom teacher. DH will either continue with school or have gotten a job. We'll either have a baby, be pregnant or be TTC!

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Old Jun 3rd, 2013, 20:41 PM   14
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This time last year, DH and I were newlyweds who were getting kicked out of our rental house because it was being sold. We were house searching, and going through the loans process and moving into my in-laws for what turned out to be not as temporary as I would have liked. DH was in a band that caused him a lot of turmoil and strife, and I was working a job that made me miserable every single day. We had absolutely no plans for any children.

Right now, we own our first home, and have grown much closer as a couple. DH is in a much happier and more successful band, makes more money, and has the promise of a promotion in the (hopefully near) future. I've got my dream job in theory at a bakery, and am waiting for it to re-open so I can go back to doing what makes me happy. In the meantime, I'm working at an animal shelter which is very fulfilling. We are planning on having children next year, but are struggling financially to make it happen.

One year from now, I'm hoping to be a few months pregnant and working at the bakery. I'm hoping DH can support a comfortable lifestyle with a new promotion in salaried, 40 hour/week position. I will have ran 10 races, including 2 marathons, and DH will have much more musical success.

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Old Jun 4th, 2013, 04:26 AM   15
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Last year: We had just moved into our rental house and my partner was on a much lower salary. I had dropped out of a degree course and only had a year of experience in my job. We had a bit in savings but not too much.

This year: My partner is earning far more money, we've made this house a home and are looking to buy our own place as we've saved up a deposit! I have more work experience and have just finished my first year on a degree course I love. Taken up loads of new hobbies, been on some great holidays, planning more to fill the gap before TTC

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Old Jun 4th, 2013, 04:56 AM   16
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Last year - We had just found out I was pregnant with our first! We were also getting excited about our holiday to Greece and Albania, and our first wedding anniversary.

Now - We have a beautiful 4 month old son We are struggling with sleep deprivation but loving having him in our lives. We are excited about our holidays to Hungary and Lanzarote. I'm at Slimming World trying to lose some of my baby weight so that I'm in good shape to TTC number 2 next year.

Next year - We will have just come back from China and Hong Kong, and we are hoping to be pregnant with number 2, or still TTC. Hopefully DH will have had a promotion which will mean I can be a SAHM for a few years.

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Old Jun 4th, 2013, 08:17 AM   17
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this time last year i was Nearly admitted into a psychiatric hospital due to my anxiety , em was unemployed , depressed was looking forward to go to Germany and France , struggling to pay bills. I hated 2012 like seriously hated

this year total contrast still have anxiety issues , jobs great still would like more money though, and progress in my nursing career , had a miscarriage. Life's pretty good

this time next year I should be married , could potentially b preggo or already had
a baby how blasÚ we r haha lol , erm hopefully bought our own house, but you never know hopefully ill never have a 2012 year ever again

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Old Jun 4th, 2013, 19:19 PM   18
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I like this one :-)

This time last year we were making final preparations for our wedding, I was working my notice period and we were looking forward to our extended honeymoon (2 weeks touring SE Asia and 1 year in New Zealand). OH hated his job and was in and out of work.

This year we are just about to submit applications for permanent residency in New Zealand having both been offered permanent jobs for more money that we earned back in the UK. We have done and seen some amazing life changing things and are closer than ever.

This time next year we are hoping to be relatively debt free and saving towards a house/a baby.

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Old Jun 6th, 2013, 20:34 PM   19
Pregnant (Expecting)
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Very cool idea!
This time last year, my husband and I weren't married or even engaged yet. (We had a short 2-month engagement.) We had been living together for about 3 months in a small 1-bedroom apartment. I was still new to his town. I was working 2 part-time jobs. One was in the drug and alcohol field which is what my background is in and the other was in dietary at a nursing home. He was working in the computer programming field at a bank. We were managing financially, but not really putting much into savings at all.

Today, we have been very happily married for 8 months. We are still in the same apartment, but have been house-hunting for a few months. I have a full-time job with good benefits. I work third shift as a nurse's aide at a state psych hospital. Of course, hours are not ideal, but I'm in a much better place than I was. A few weeks ago, I got accepted to graduate school for a Masters in Social Work program and I start in the fall! YAY!!! He works at the same place, but has since received a promotion. There is a good chance he could receive another one soon. Financially, we are in a much better spot and we've been able to put a lot more into savings. We went on a very nice belated honeymoon a few weeks ago to Niagara Falls and Toronto. God has definitely blessed us within this past year in a HUGE way!!!

In a year (plus a couple of months...August '14), I would like to follow through with our plan of starting to TTC! I hope to have a solid year of graduate school under my belt and to have earned a 4.0. I also hope that hubby gets that next promotion. Also, if we could have a house by then, that would be tremendous.

Can't wait to see what God has in store for us!!!

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Old Jun 9th, 2013, 15:19 PM   20
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Great post!

This time last year we were about to celebrate our first honeymoon. Hubby had been having some difficulties at work which were affected our relationship. I finally got him to take some time away from work which meant one wage, never ending bills and a house which was crumbling around us and the possibility of having to cancel our dream trip to America. Ps we never did celebrate our anniversary.

Today hubby is in a new job which he loves and due to seeking legal advice about his former employer and a bit of luck elsewhere we are still going to America and have some money to do the larger bits of work to our home. Our relationship is stronger than ever and best yet this weekend we are celebrating our first and second anniversary

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