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Whoops! Stumbled on this and realized its been over 2 years since I updated so best get to it!

These were my previous updates:

Originally Posted by kksy9b View Post

Let's see...I'll go grab my reply from last year:
Originally Posted by kksy9b View Post
Fun thread!

Let's see...a year ago my DH and I were in our second month of TTC (and would get preggo the next month), I was pretty dissatisfied with work and was learning to let go of a very stressful and complicated situation with my brother.

Now, I have my beautiful 9 week old son in my arms, I'm a SAHM and I am the happiest I've ever been (also the most sleep deprived but its getting better lol).

This time next year, my DS will be a little over a year old. Hopefully we have our house sold and are living in a rental while out dream house is being built. My husband will be at the one year mark of having heart surgery to install a defibrillator to protect against sudden cardiac arrest (genetic heart condition that we just found out or son doesn't have!!). We will be around a year out from TTC #2, which will be our last. Hopefully life remains as wonderful as it is now, just in a bigger house lol
Well, we wound up not building our dream house because we found the perfect one already made! We sold our old house and moved straight into this one, so no rental. Ridiculously happy with our home and plan on being here for a long long time (read: until we can't climb stairs anymore ) My husband is getting ready to change jobs in January so that is the next big thing happening. My DS is amazing and continues to impress me everyday with his curiosity, loving and sweet disposition, wit and patience. I have taken an unexpected journey in the last year and have lost 60 pounds! Still have about 10 to go but feeling great so far!

In a year from now, I want to be pregnant with the next baby!! We are going to start trying right after Charles' 2nd birthday in April and I'm hoping for another sweet baby boy (but would also be happy with a girl ). I would like to try and run a half marathon before getting preggo.

I want to be fully adjusted to my husbands new schedule (will be traveling a lot). Im hoping we will have our house paid off, or at least be on track to do so within the next few months. I would also like to have a few house projects done, the biggest being repainting the main level.

For Charles, I am hopeful that he will start talking finally- whether it be on his own or working with a speech therapist. I would like to transition him to a big bed and possibly begin potty training.
Looking at my last update and seeing where we are now is a lot of fun!

To update off my last post: In the last TWO years we have had a lot of changes. the biggest being we had another baby! Our sweet baby Calvin was born in January of 2017. He just turned one and is such a happy wild child and makes my heart full. I did not run a half marathon but I did run several 5k's and made a decision at one point to not do a half as I kept injuring my foot during the long training runs. My husband did change jobs and while its stressful with a lot of travel, it has also been such a blessing to us. We are fully adjusted to our life now and things are going great. We haven't been able to do a ton of house projects but we did just get a new fireplace so I'm happy with that! We transitioned my oldest to a bed at 2.5 yrs old and he is fully potty trained which is awesome. We found out he has a speech disorder but has been making amazing progress since we put him in preschool with an IEP. All in all I feel like we accomplished what I had hoped to!

In a year from now I hope to have our house paid off and be starting discussions on whether we want to renovate or build as a next step (though neither option would be happening for a couple years). I want to be doing regular date nights with DH again and have our first trip booked for the summer of 2019 alone since our oldest was born.

For DS1, I just want to see his speech and language skills continue to grow and expand.

For DS2, I want him to be fully weaned and more consistently STTN.

For myself, in my last update I had lost 60 pounds. By the time I got pregnant that number was 71 pounds lost....and then I gained back 68 in my pregnancy...sigh. I've lost about 40 of it so a year from now I would love to have the remaining 28 GONE! I also would like to pick up a new hobby of some kind and intentionally make time for myself.

Finally, the last HUGE thing that I want to accomplish a year from now is to have a decision made on another baby! I think both DH and I feel like we have one more to add to our crazy crew. But we are both leaning towards adoption vs. biological. I'm hopeful in the next year we can make our final decision and either have a TTC date set for 2019ish or be in process of paperwork for adoption (and decide domestic or international!)

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Originally Posted by Symphony7 View Post
This time last year I was three days away from my wedding!

I was frantically finishing up last minute details and worrying about the huge hurricane running up the east coast. Luckily, it cleared up beautifully for our big day! We are going to our venue on Sunday (anniversary) and having a nice picnic lunch to celebrate one year together. ^_^ Weather is supposed to be beautiful again June 8th this year.

This time next year I will be finishing up my Masters degree in Elementary Education. I hope to have a job for the fall lined up already but was told by my professor the county can't announce any new hires until July. So very shortly after hopefully.
Wow this was 4 years ago! I must have posted on the other post last year. I finished my masters, got a job in 6th grade, switched schools to 1st grade, then got pregnant. Now my baby is 9 months and I've been home with her this whole time. Loving life! Going to be staying home next year too. Not much else besides vacations coming up in the next year, that and watching my girl grow.

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Love the idea of this thread. I'm going to read through it all later xx

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Originally Posted by KalonKiki View Post
Originally Posted by KalonKiki View Post
Originally Posted by KalonKiki View Post
At this time last year...

I was 23 weeks pregnant with DS.

SIL was living with us and driving me absolutely bonkers.

I was excited for our first anniversary coming up that Father's Day.

I was working towards my medical billing and coding certificate.

I felt like I was in pregnancy limbo and couldn't wait to meet my son. I was so done with being pregnant, it was a very uncomfortable pregnancy the whole way through.

Our finances were awful and we were really worried about them.

At this time this year...

We have a beautiful DS that is crawling around and starting to talk.

SIL is no longer living with us and it's nice to have our home to ourselves again.

I'm excited for our 2nd anniversary in 3 more days.

I'm procrastinating on my medical billing and coding certification.

I'm feeling broody for #2 and hopeful that we'll be able to start trying when I'd like to after we get married next year.

Our finances still aren't great but they're getting on the right track. All of our credit cards are paid off, we're down to one car payment, and we're moving to a more affordable place at the end of July/start of August.

This time next year...

DS will be nearly 2 years old, walking and talking, and I will probably be impatient to be able to start potty training him, lol.

I hope to be married. If all goes according to plan, we will be. Our wedding date is June 6, 2015 and our deposit for our wedding package is paid and my dress is completely paid for.

I'll be excited to celebrate our 3rd anniversary as a married couple instead of an engaged one.

I hope to have finished my medical billing and coding certificate and at least have a part time job, from home if necessary.

I hope to have enough space for a second baby. Renting a 3 bedroom house would be nice.

I hope to have our debt mostly paid off if not all the way.

I hope to be full on TTC baby #2.
I completely forgot to update this back in June. It was a really busy month for me and it just completely slipped my mind. There's still a little bit of 2015 left though so I'm going to go ahead and update now!

This time this year...

My DS is now a little over 2 years old and is doing extremely well. He is the sweetest little boy ever and he is too smart for his own good. He is nowhere near ready to potty train yet but I'm a lot more okay with that than I thought I would be for the time being. Our pediatrician confirmed at his 2 year wellness check-up that he is cognitively gifted. I'm extremely proud of him and I can't wait to witness another year of his growth.

We did get married on June 6, 2015. The wedding was beautiful and was definitely one of the best days of my life. We had a great honeymoon in St. Charles, Missouri and DS stayed with my dad while we were on our honeymoon so it was nice to get that time together alone.

Our 3rd dating anniversary went well too. It was nice to actually be married when we reached it.

I have given up on Medical Billing & Coding. It's just not for me. I did however decide that I would like to be on the same schedule as DH with a career when the kids are in school and I don't need to be at home anymore. I've decided that I'm going to get my degree in Education to become a high school foreign language teacher.

We have been renting a 3 bedroom house since August 2014 and we really like it here. There is plenty of room for another baby and we'll probably be here for a while.

We still have some debt but our finances are doing considerably better and we are getting closer to our goal of being debt free.

After we got married we waited for my next period since I knew that I was already past my fertile time for that cycle when our wedding day arrived and then we decided to start full on TTC baby #2. My LMP was June 13, 2015 and I'm happy to report that we got pregnant on the very 1st cycle TTC! I am currently 22 weeks and 1 day pregnant with our much desired baby girl. Thea Denise is due to arrive March 19, 2016 so whether I go early or late I'm pretty much guaranteed to give birth in March either way. If I go into labor at the exact same gestation I did with DS then she will be here March 5th but I'm sure that won't actually happen, haha. We're very excited to meet her though and are trying to be as patient as we can for March to arrive while we get everything ready for her arrival.

This time next year...

I hope to have a healthy 3 year old DS and a healthy 7 or 8 month old DD. I hope to at least be getting started on potty training with DS and to be still breastfeeding DD.

I hope to be still happily married and have celebrated our 1st anniversary as a married couple on June 6, 2016.

I hope to possibly be attending my first semester of college but that will really all depend on DS and DD's needs at the time. I hope to be starting no later than Fall 2017.

I hope to have an even better handle on our finances than we already do. It would be nice to have our car completely paid off with 2016's tax returns that we'll receive in early 2017.
Is it this time of year again already?! It always goes by so quickly.

We do indeed have both a healthy 3 year old DS and almost 8 month DD. DD was born March 3, 2016 at 37+5 weeks, just 2 gestational days sooner than DS was born. She was 6 lbs 4 oz and perfect. She's crawling, saying da-da, and has 2 teeth. She's really enjoying solid food. DS is in Parents as Teachers now and loves it. He really likes to learn and be around other kids, he's a social butterfly. He also absolutely adores DD, not a hint of jealousy or sibling rivalry between them.

DH and I are still happily married, I can't believe it's been over a year already!

I'm currently planning to start classes next Fall and want to substitute teach after I get the required 60 credit hours.

We still have some debt but not a staggering amount. We're planning to use most of our tax return next year to put into the car to help pay it off.

Next Year...

I hope to have a happy and healthy 4 year old DS and 1 year 8 month DD.

I hope to still be happily married.

I hope to be enrolled in classes to work on getting my degree and preparing for my career.

I hope to no longer have a car payment.

And last but not least I hope for my husband to decide for sure if he wants another baby or not. He's undecided and it's killing me, I either want to be WTT and getting excited about the idea of another baby or grieving the end of the baby stage of my parental life, getting over it, and moving on. I don't like being in limbo unsure of what to do and feel about my future.
Oops! I accidentally skipped 2017.
Unfortunately I won't be able to enroll in classes this year but I'm hoping for sometime next year. We also haven't paid the car off because we need to build our credit a little more before we can buy a house so we need all the credit boosters we can get. We will have the car paid off next year either way though.

My DS is now 4 years old and entering preschool this Fall shortly before he turns 5 and my DD is now 2 years old. My DD is now speaking in full sentences and learning shapes, colors, letters and numbers. My DS is learning to read and basic math skills.

My DH is still undecided about a 3rd baby and it's driving me crazy because I desperately want just one more. We are still happily married though, 3 years this June.

Next Year...

I hope to either be enrolling in college courses, buying a house, or pregnant with my 3rd child (preferably giving birth in June 2019 but I'd settle for even a at pretty much any point next year if not this year). Any one of those 3 things would be great but of course all 3 of them would be best case scenario.

I hope to still be happily married of course.

I hope to have a healthy 5/6 year old in Kindergarten and a healthy 3 year old enjoying her 1 on 1 time with Mommy until baby #3 arrives (if baby #3 happens).

I hope to have the car paid off and for our credit to be good enough to buy our first home and have enough money saved for a down payment. If baby #3 happens I hope to trade in our car for a bigger one and not still need to pay a car payment for more than a couple of years after.

Also I hope for my husband to finally have tenure at his job as a high school teacher.

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Originally Posted by tverb84 View Post
Originally Posted by tverb84 View Post
Originally Posted by tverb84 View Post
At this time next year I hope to be accepted into the Early Childhood Education program and hopefully live on my own soon. I love my mom and living with her but I don't want to live with her forever.

Last year at this time I realized I wanted to work with children so I took a grade 12 english class last September. It's the only mark I need to get into the ECE program but my final mark wasn't high enough so this September I'm taking it again. I was hoping to do the ECE this fall but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Hopefully in a few years when I have children I'll come along this post.
I never applied for the ECE program because I discovered another program called Educational Assistant.It's a program that you can take to become an educational assistant in schools.I did take the English class again this past January and after the holiday's I'm going to look into how I apply for the EA program.

This September I was in a pre-apprenticeship for cooking which I really liked and I'm glad I did it!! I gained experience working in a kitchen that I didn't have before.

I still live at home with my mom and not sure when I'll move out. I don't want to live with her forever.

I also have a niece who was born on July 15th that I love with all my heart!!! I never thought I would love someone this much!!!
I can't believe it's almost been a year since I posted this!! I an now in the ES program and I love it!!! I didn't think that I would like it this much! My niece is almost 16 months old and is growing fast!!
I'm still in the EA program! Currently I'm retaking math in order to do second year this fall which I'm really excited about!! I do have a bit of a hard time with math but next week we're starting literacy.

Roxy is going to be three in July and she's becoming her own person. I love watching her grow up!

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