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The difference in a year...

I kind if got this idea from something pnkpolkadots said in her blog
I hope you don't mind me turning it into a post!

It's almost my birthday so I can remember specifically where we were in life this time last year. We had just bought our house, had no money or even furniture except for an air mattress that served as a couch/bed/dinner table thinking about how 'stuck' we were. I didn't think we would ever have kids because of how bad we were struggling, choosing between food and bills every week and we don't qualify for assistance. I thought getting this house was a mistake because while our income was too high for assistance, I couldn't figure out why it wasn't enough for bills and other important things (gas, food, etc) I was looking at all my pre-baby goals and thinking "we are never gonna get caught up on bills, much less save money or get married!"

Then i learned to make a budget (something i'll teach my children about very early on) i honestly didn't know how to make one before we had big money bills, nobody I knew had ever used one.
Then he got a small raise (a few cents an hour makes a huge difference). Then I got a job after looking for forever.. Now we have saved $800 In 2 weeks to pay off the car, and not one bill was overdue these last few months. Oh! And now we are happily married with plenty of furniture

This time next year I hope we have all of our debt, besides the mortgage, paid off. I hope we are putting all the money I'm making into a savings account and are living on his income alone...preparing us for when I can be a stay at home mommy,
i hope to be pregnant or TTC, maybe (if I'm super lucky) ill be a mommy!

Where were you early summer last year? Where do you hope to be next year?
It will be pretty cool to look back next June to see how far we've all come!

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Originally Posted by MelliPaige View Post
I kind if got this idea from something pnkpolkadots said in her blog
I hope you don't mind me turning it into a post!
Of course not sweetie!

Ah last June... well OH had just gotten his bartending job, and while he enjoyed bartending he hated the management at the place he had been hired at (he ended up quitting in April). We were just happy that he had something at that point, and I was gearing up to apply for teaching jobs. I had several interviews over the summer but no offers. Now, OH is working this summer at the Parks District he worked at before bartending. It pays better than bartending (he didn't get tips) plus he loves this job so much more. I'm just happy that he has a job he's happy with As for me... I've just been hired to teach summer school and I have my first job interview of the season on Monday!! Super excited because the earliest I've ever had a teaching interview has been late July. At this this time next year... I hope I'm finishing up my first year in my own classroom, and that OH has a stable full time job. We'll have our own place together, and will for sure be engaged (possibly married). I'm hoping that I'm either pregnant this time next year or am just about ready to start trying

Good post MelliPaige!

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Well this has got me thinking.

This time last year I was engaged and we were living in a flat that was so expensive we were not saving anything. I worked at a hotel that was owned by a couple who had not long split up and it was a nightmare being the third person working between the two. They hated each other and would talk to me about the other one all the time. I was piggy in the middle

We have now moved to a smaller and more basic flat which is cheaper and we are saving every month. We are now married and I work at a different place. It still has it's dramas but it's more comedy than crazy.

This time next year DH will hopefully have passed an exam for promotion and we will have just saved enough money to be able to start looking at houses
I'd like to think that I was in the first trimester but if not then we would definitely be TTC for our first baked potato!

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I love this post

This time last year we were living with my parents, OH was working but i wasn' & we were getting excited about our holiday to spain.

Now we are in our own place, we both have jobs, we are preparing DD for nursery & starting to save up to start my driving lessons.

& planning to start TTC #2

I hope a year from now i will be engaged, pregnant & close to passing my driving test or already done it hopefully!

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This time last year I was not getting very good grades at uni, I was totally demotivated with my degree, we both lived with our parents and spent literally every penny we had on ourselves for short term satisfaction. I fell pregnant this time last year, and it totally made me get my finger out and improve my grades.
We now have our own flat and have managed to get all furniture and appliances within a month, we have more money than we did before, and last night he brought our ttc date by a whole year!

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Good idea! Hmm, this time last year, I was about to begin my senior year of college, we were in a small apartment, struggling to pay bills and buy food. OH was working an I was not, I was getting scholarships for good grades though, which paid about 1/2 our bills.

Now, OH and I are both working full time and although we aren't able to save a whole lot each month, our bills are paid and we are slowly building up a savings and talking about getting married definitely within a year, but hopefully more like 6 months. We are in a larger, nicer apartment with our two beautiful dogs.

Where I want to be in a year - I would like to be married and in a house, we are sick of apartments. I would like to at least be NTNP, if not TTC.

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This time last year we'd just moved here(to a nicer area in a nicer home) we had to move because our landlord was using our address to commit benefit fraud and i didnt want to be caught up in it. we had no money, saving for our wedding and having to move was a struggle. the public transport to work was a lot less reliable that it appeared when we researched the new area, so i was commuting longer than i was working each day. OH was lucky to stay in a job after being made redundant in another department. Both unhappy with work, OH was spending my wedding fund behind back because he is rubbish with money. OHs parents tainted the excitement of our wedding and no one cared we were getting married. it was a very low point. i found out i couldnt continue the course i'd paid a lot of money for. my dog started having 'fits'. my dog was barking when i was at work, neighbours hated/hate us, i gave up that job....

now, i have been out of work 1 month, (previous job ended-funding etc) i am studying a better course(degree) though it will be ages until i get to study the parts that really interest me. we don't have much cash, DH dislikes his job, i feel like i'll never achieve a career/job in industry i want, concerned i'll get closer to 30 without achieving anything, i worry every day about my dog's health and wonder how i'll ever be able to cope as a mother. I'm paranoid DH will lose his job because it's happened 3 times in 6years, i wake up every morning wondering 'is this it? will i never achieve x, y, z. travel the world, have my own home. live comfortably or be able to do and buy nice things.' but i'm grateful for being able to pay the bills, have somewhere to live, everyone being healthy at this moment and not having to go through any of the horrific things i've seen on the news lately.

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This time last year, we had just found out that DH got the job that would change our lives. Before, we were living on a REALLY tight budget with credit card debt and no money whatsoever for anything besides bills and groceries. After my hubby got his wonderful new job, we've been able to pay off a lot of our debt and have some money to spare.

This time next year, I definitely want to be pregnant and hopefully have a new, bigger place to live. And there's a possible promotion for DH at work, so maybe have him making a little more money by next year? A girl can dream!

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What a great post!

This time last year DH and I were engaged and sinking every spare penny we had into our wedding/honeymoon fund. We were living in a cheap apartment to save money, I was working the same job, and DH was finishing up his second to last year in school. We were kind of in limbo, just preparing for life to happen. Now we are married, my husband graduated from college, and we are making final preparations for TTC

Thanks for sharing your stories!

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Ha- mine are all very different!

Last year- I didn't even know my OH. I was in a friends with benefits arrangement with my exboyfriend but not looking for anything else.

This year- I'm moving in with my OH next month with plans to TTC next month too!

Next year- Hopefully we'll have bought a house and be expecting a baby (or possibly have one)!

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