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Anyone WTT #2 with a bigish age gap?

I am desperate for #2 but our financial situation is pants.

Anyone else waiting for #2 with a big age gap? Was yours a decision to wait or for reasons beyond your control? I always wanted at least 3 years between babies but now I know it will be at least 4 if not 5 years it makes me sad, especially as its because of money.

I'm fed up of WTT and want to TTC right now!!

What makes it worse is a friend of mine is pregnant with #2 and her partner has quit work so they can get more benefits, and doesnt see this as a problem - I would never do this, I would only have children if I could afford to care for them not expect the state to fund my life style

'Cuse the rant

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Me, there is going to be a 4-5 year gap. We're waiting till we get married

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me mia will be almost 5 if everything goes to plan. i plan on trying in december and her 4th bday is in january. so yeh by the time the baby comes she will be around 5. we have waited cause we are getting married this feb so will be around 2 months preg if things go well, which is what we want.i dont drink at all so it wont ruin my day to be pregnant. im glad we have waited though as we have been backward and forward between cyprus and england since mia was born and have decided to go back to england to stay so are leaving in the next few months. also im happy with the age gap cause mia is now asking for a brother or sister and is alot more understanding.

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Old Jul 19th, 2013, 23:45 PM   4
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8 years!!! VERY large age gap.

I got pregnant when I was 16, so obviously I wasn't in any hurry to have anymore. I met my hubby when I was 18 and married him at 21. We have been waiting since we got married because we wanted some "us" time. We don't get a lot of him and I time because we have LO most the time. We do enjoy our alone time when LO goes to see his dad. So we really waited to have a little more time together.

Then we decided to try in July 2013, then my best friend and his best friend got engaged and all 3 of us are in the wedding. We decided to push it back further since fitting into a dress can be tough while preggo,,, and buying a dress, 2 tuxedos, throwing showers, bachelorette and bachelor parties can get EXPENSIVE!!! hahaha! So we are currently WTT until Oct. 2013

We have been enjoying traveling this year and have a couple more trips planned before number 2! One last family of 3 trip is planned for next Friday

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I'm actually WTT #4, but it'll be a big age gap...probably somewhere around 5-6 years. My children are 5 and 4 (almost) and my youngest is an angel. So there will be at least 5 years between my second and my fourth. It's really heartbreaking to me that there will be such a big gap, but it's nothing I could really help. I split with my kids' dad last year, so that has definitely made TTC plans difficult and that's why I'm waiting. I'm currently seeing someone, though and he knows all about my desire to TTC and he really wants to marry me and start a family with me. Obviously we're not going to do all that right away, but if everything goes well, this could be it.

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Old Jul 21st, 2013, 01:16 AM   6
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We're planning on waiting until summer 2015, just after our LO turns 4. I found out in May that I was 12 weeks pregnant (ended in a mc), and we were both extremely shocked and happy, but deep down I knew I wasn't ready for another yet as I had just graduated from university. So I guess we'll be waiting until at least summer 2015, but I wouldn't be surprised if we waited another year or two after that

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Me but not through choice

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OH says no babies until we're married (LO isn't his sadly) and I agree but at the same time I'm gutted because we might not even get engaged for like 5 or so years and then marriage is going to take even longer... I don't want to rush things but I've always wanted small age gaps between my children, Oakley decided to come sooner than I'd planned to have kids though

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We are in a similar position, money is the reason too. We plan ttc when dd is 3, but it took us 3 years to conceive dd so the age gap could be anything upwards of 4 years. Im so broody, when I see dd with my little niece it makes me sad that she will have to wait so long for a sibling.

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I am, OH says no constantly, I understand his reasons but I just always wanted a 2/3 year-ish gap

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