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I'm ready but he's not!!

Hi I am new to this website but hopefully you guys can help me!! Hopefully I am posting this on the right page!!
So I have been with my man for 8 years heading in 9 in May! We are not married yet or have any kids!! I have been ready for 5 years ago to have kids! We talk about it but his excuses are I'm not ready, I want to buy a house (we rent). Etc!! Omg it's driving me up the wall!! I want a kid so bad!! What do I do? It may sound evil but I want to quit taking my pills (birth control pills) but I know that's evil! Or is it? My friends tell me to stop taking them! It's just so hard! I feel so emotional lately, as I don't feel happy any more!! I love him so much but I'm 26 years old and he's 31. When we got together we made a pack that we will have kids by the time I'm 24 and he wants kids before he's 30!!
Help me!!! What do I do!!??? Every time we talk he pretty much walks away or we argue!

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Sit down with him and ask him when u think u can try that way u rnt forcing a time on him it will feel to him like he's makin the decision, tell him u feel there is something missin out of ur life and u want a baby with him. If he gets mad just give him time, many of us here have all had this convo with our oh and when we stopped mentioning it he came round to it, I wud say mention it every now n then. For me my oh saw how much I wanted one, I explained my fears about medical conditions I have and he said when we move into our next house, we already own but need to move, I left it at that but every now and then mentioned something n out of the blue he text saying when ur ready we can, I had to read it over n over again to be sure.
Don't let it turn into a row or u will both associate baby with argument, if he gets angry calmly say hang on I don't want to argue I just want to talk, take 5 to calm down and then we can talk again. If it carries on the same way say u will discuss it again another day xx

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Hi Starlight, you're probably better off creating a new thread to ask for advice. Since you posted on an existing thread, no one will realize that your post is on here until they come on to reply to the original post. More people will see your post if you have your own thread.

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Im sorry you feel so sad i get like that and even cry when i watch it, OH thinks im an idiot :P

What channel is it on (still on 4??) and what day and time? cant believe ive missed it

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