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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Little introduction

Hi there,
Since I already introduced myself in the introduction forum I will keep it brief, but since I will be hanging out here for at least the next few months I figure I should say hi!

A little about me: I am from Ontario, Canada, 26 years old and WTT for #1. Hoping to start TTC around end of December 2013 (Yay!) I work as a research co-ordinator at a University and am also working on my Master's degree in environmental science. I live with my OH who is 32 and he works at a credit union as well as does part time grant consulting for not for profit organisations.

I am hoping that I can find some nice women to chat with about this awesome/scary/beautiful experience as I don't have any family in the area I live in and none of my friends are in the "baby-having" mode yet lol!

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Welcome! I'll be ttc #1 soon as well, and am excited/terrified depending on when you ask me. =P

Good luck in December!

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Hello! Well be ttc#1 too in may. Wow Decembers not far at all!!! Exciting!

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Welcome x

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Welcome b&b is great!! Been on here for over 3 years now

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hiya!! December is very close, good luck!!!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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welcome aoife! (what a beautiful name )
december is no wait at all! good luck

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