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The last of them.

Today I took the last of the pregnancy tests I had stocked up on after our little slip up on the 21st of Septembre. I've tested once a week since it happened and all results were BFN. I am finally going to accept the BFN and move on with my life. AF is due in a week and there is little doubt that she won't show her face, and to be honest, I think I may be okay with that.

I've come to decide that I will no longer symptom spot. I refuse to work myself up month after month that ultimately leads to a great letdown and depression. We've all said this at some point yet we always revert back to the "what if", but this time letting go of the "what if" isn't as hard as it used to be. It's time I focused less on my wanting and hoping to be pregnant and more on the other aspects of my life and the things I both need and want to accomplish.

OH and I have begun to put forth a serious effort into purchasing a house. We've spent the past few days browsing the market and determining what we each are seeking in a home. I must admit it brings quite the smile to my face. I'm having a ball browsing about online for the basic house decor (bed sets, dinnerware, et cetera). I have taken charge and made a serious commitment to losing weight, I'm tired of having such a low self image and only I can change that. I may not be "fat" in the eyes of others, but as we all know that never matters. Regardless of what anyone may say, they can't change your opinion or yourself.

I apologize for the long post, I just needed to get this off my chest. I hope the rest of you are doing well in the WTT times.

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I truly think that's the best attitude to have not only about wtt and ttc but life in general.

I admire your positive outlook and wish you all the best with whatever results you're looking for x

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