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What are they trying to do to me????

I had a bit of a ditzy day yesterday, for some reason i was in a constant muddle, saying stupid things and muddling up months and dates whenever i was speaking to people. Anyway 3 seperate people asked if i was pregnant!!!! I might take offence to this if they didnt ask over the phone and it was people i had never met before. AF visited me last week so i know i definatly am not preggers, but for god sake!!! Makes me wish i was even more

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Sometimes you can laugh these comments off can't you, but sometimes it can really get to you - especially if you really want to be pregnant - so flippant comments can really hurt.

I got married in May 2007 and we started TTC in September 2007 (when I had just turned 30). This woman at my work kept asking me (like all the time), if I was going to try and get pregnant, if I was pregnant and kept pointing out that I 'shouldn't leave it too late as I was over 30!' I kept biting my tongue - but it really hurt. What made it worse was that I had an early miscarriage in November 2007 - so whilst she was saying this stuff, in my head I was saying, 'well yes, I do want to be pregnant' and was crying inside. I think people say these things but don't know the full story and can really end up being insensitive without realising it. Luckily, I got pregnant again in January 2008 and had my lovely wee boy in the October.

On the other hand, I think we all do it to a certain extent - i.e. when a friend gets married and we have to stop ourselves wondering if they are developing a 'bump' or if they have just put on weight. One of my friends has just got married and I have told myself that I will definately not make hints or comments to her just incase, as I know how annoying it can be and how it can hurt if something goes wrong.

Sorry, I hope I haven't turned your thread into a moany one!


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Its crap when people do that, my boobs get massive with pms and im allways getting asked if im pregnant. Its like no, im just due on so dont mess with me

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