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Doctors OK

My doctor called yesterday to go over the report from the high risk group. We talked about the weekly testing of baby's breathing and movements heart rate physio stuff starting at 26 weeks but he also added early pregnancy glucous testing an then again at 24 weeks.i told him I'm okay with staying on the Prozac for the pregnancy and he asked how I'm feeling now and about when we want to or feel up to trying. I told him I've been losing weight and honestly is be more emotionally okay if I was pregnant when Hannah's due date arrives rather than be empty. He asked if I'm still taking my prenatals and said if we feel emotionally ready then that is our choice and that's where we are at I suppose. I'm in my fertile stage now so I am going with my heart on this, I want my rainbow baby ASAP!

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So sorry about the loss of your baby. We have friends who lost a baby at 31 weeks for no medical reason too and they were lucky enough to fall pregnant again quickly and had a healthy baby one year later. I hope the same happens for you and you get your rainbow baby very soon.

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Hannah is a beautiful name, I'm sorry you lost her. Hopefully you get your rainbow quickly and I will pray for a healthy pregnancy for you.

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