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wtt because im scared of getting hyperemesis gravidarum again! :(

So my lo is 15 and a half months now and during that pregnancy i had quite bad hyperemesis gravidarum (hg) and ended up in hospital 5 times by 18 weeks pregnant cos i kept dehydrating cos i couldnt even keep my own stomach acid down (sorry tmi). The last time i vomited was at 20 weeks but i didnt need to go to hospital that time then it stopped but i felt nauseous all from the time i got up until the time i went to bed until i gave birth!

Anyway im so broody! My little man is turning into a little boy! Hes had problems with a milk allergy, severe eczema, has only just started sttn 2 months ago and gets ill a lot but hes also so funny, caring, loving, clever, curious and sooo gorgeous and i want another one just like him!

I dont feel family is complete and have always wanted 2 children but im sooo scared of getting hg again and i dont know how id cope with a very active toddler running around if i was even slightly as bad as last time.

So we are waiting until lo is at school so at least i can lay on the sofa/bed and run to the loo to be sick when i like without feeling guilty that im ignoring lo and not being the mum i want to be (and hope i am now) cos i cant get out of bed or out of the bathroom!

I also feel like no one understands! People just say 'you probably wont get it again' or 'if you have a girl this time you wont be so sick!' but actually theres an 80% chance i will get it again and that the sex of the baby doesnt make a difference!

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Hi beccaboop, you poor thing that sounds horrible, I had a friend with hg and she didn't go for a second child because of this reason. Did they ever try you on different medication? Sorry if that's a silly question! They probably did.

I would completely understand your fears, I hate it when people just write it off and say you'll be fine, they're not then ones that have to go through it!

I didn't have hg, but I was very sick and nauseous until 18 weeks, all morning and late afternoon into evening so I never kept breakfast or dinner down! There were a couple of hours in the afternoon when I'd feel ok and eat and drink. This was bad enough for me so I really wouldn't want to experience hg! Ugh, sounds awful!

Sounds like a good plan to wait until your lo is a bit older, honestly im starting to think the same way as I can't imagine feeling ill and tired with a young toddler!

Good luck when you do ttc, maybe you'll be lucky and fall in the 20% that don't get it again

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I also suffered with it until I was around 18 weeks ...

I'm trying not to think about it really, I has to cope last time and I guess I'll just have to cope this time. Just really hoping I won't have it...

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I'm a mummy of two and suffered both times. I was desperate not to suffer second time but it happened again, I hit 5.5 wks and that was it. First time it lasted til 20wks and second time 16wks. It was AWFUL!! I know exactly what you went through. It is tough with another child to look after, just try and have the best support network around you possible. And just remember this.... Would you go back and not do it? Would you be without your little one? Or even though it was horrendous was it totally worth it in the end? I promise u it's worth it to make a sibling for your little one

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I had bad sickness with my first all through my pregnancy and had HG with my third pregnancy until he was born. the sex doesn't make a difference and even though you may not get it again when you been through how horrendous it is you cant help but worry.

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This is the reason I don't consider myself wtt right now- DD is perfect and I would love to have another LO but I was extremely sick until 16 weeks! Constantly and overwhelmingly sick all day and night and meds just made it so I could keep water and food down- I was always nauseous! I dread it happening again and honestly I'm not sure I will ever be ready.

Yes, she was absolutely worth every bit of miserable pregnancy and I was thrilled to be sick but I can't imagine going into it a second time knowing what is coming. Maybe in a few years? I doubt we try before she attends school, maybe in 2018. I was off work for most of the first 8 weeks, I don't know how I could chase another one when I couldn't make it into the office!

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