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Originally Posted by kksy9b View Post
I'm 27 and will be trying for #2 in about 2 years, so that by the time the baby is born, there will be around a 3 year age gap from my son (whos 9 weeks now). I'm still taking my prenatals since I'm breastfeeding (I take the expecta ones...tried several others while preggo and that was the only one that my stomach could handle the iron). Once I'm done breastfeeding, I'll switch back to just folic acid until pregnant again! Will also keep drinking massive amounts of water daily ... Good for your body and helps produce more CM around ovulation Otherwise will be keeping everything else the same.

A note about folic acid- my OB recommended taking it if you're in your "childbearing years" no matter how far out from trying you are. Its most important in the first few weeks while baby is growing, and you remain unaware that you're pregnant. So if you accidently get pregnant before you start trying, baby would still be protected. It is something like 75% of spina bifida cases could be prevented by momma having enough folic acid in the first few weeks. If you're not one to take vitamins and whatnot, there are plenty of foods that contain it that you could work into your diet.
I've been taking multivitamins that has 400 mcg's of folic acid for a few years now.

I'm not doing a lot to be prepared for when I finally ttc but I do walk 3 miles every day. Also, I drink water every day and go the gym three days a week.

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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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What a good idea! We think so much about our bodies, but minds and souls kind of get left out.

I'm about to get uber serious about weight loss after having back surgery. BIG wake up call. I want to a) be a good role model for my child/ren and b) be able to enjoy being pregnant, birthing and bringing them up! Not always worrying about whether my back is going to go again.

Mind... I am currently studying for three different qualifications. I need them out of the way or very close to before I give birth. I'm also practising meditation and healthy habits of mind to prepare for the extra demands of motherhood.

I'm also trying to develop a stronger sense of 'me' (what I like and don't like, a hobby or two that I can sustain without too much cost, some good solid friendships (I've moved around a lot before getting married, so I'm still trying to establish that here in Melbourne)) so I don't lose sight of 'myself' between work and family when it becomes necessary. I think every mother needs the occasional time out where she can remind herself of that.

Soul... I'm trying to establish a belief structure! I'm not devout but I was christened, so I'm Christian, but I want to have what I believe in firmly set out before little voices start asking big questions. And how to explain it to them so that they get that Dad and I differ in our beliefs, and it's okay if they have different beliefs when they get bigger too.

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Tighten up tummy muscles and pelvic floor - DS was kind of hard on both.
Get used to eating less sugar.
Take my chance for as much sex as possible with DH as I know now how little we'll have during pregnancy and for the 1st year!
Various supplements/vitamins.

Finish my training (finish early October).
Prep for myself a hypnotherapy anti-morning-sickness CD.
Finish dejunking the house to help my state of mind when it all goes to hell in the newborn days!

Sort my beliefs out in my own head. Which needs to include finishing wading my way though the rest of The Oxford Bible Commentary.

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Body: I plan to start folic acid in September 3 months before ttc and loose about half a stone (I'm not over weight but I'd like to get to my perfect weight before ttc)
Soul: I'm a practicing Christian and love the Lord, I want to start paying for the baby even at this early stage .
Mind: don't think I have much for this one, I think my mind is in a good place to ttc

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