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I'm in 3rd year of an honours degree and had my DD between 1st and 2nd year (took a year out when I got pregnant at the end of 1st year). I can't describe how difficult it is to be honest. it's not impossible, but it's hard! my DD was planned and we had been trying for 2 years but despite that I still miss things that I didn't think I would miss at all. I agree with a previous poster who said that it can be quite isolating. I'm an outgoing kind of person who can make friends very easily but it's difficult to form strong bonds with people when I can't go out after uni or anything, and it's frustrating because they just don't understand why I can't. they think it's as easy as getting a babysitter they don't get that I don't WANT to leave my DD because I already miss out on so much time because of uni and work.

my course is very full on and I also have to work to pay myself through it, and sometimes I want to just run away because of all the demands on me. I stick it out because of my DD and wanting us to have a nice, comfortable life as well as wanting to be a good role model to her. I don't regret having her and I do see that there are some advantages of having a child while at uni, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!

ETA: I am 28 - I was 25 when I had my DD

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