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I'd really recommend slimming world if you haven't already tried it. You can still snack, even crisps and chocolate if you want!

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I find that the best way to eat healthier is small snacks throughout to day. Instead of focusing on a diet plan or cutting out certain foods, just stock up on healthy snacks that are small. For instance, when I go to work I bring about 3 mandarin oranges, a bran muffin, a high fibre granola bar, a container of carrots, and some crackers and hummus. Then, I try to eat a little bit every half hour. It could even be just eating one carrot, but by eating every half hour you avoid the highs and lows of eating three big meals, and also, you never give yourself time to feel hungry for the sugary snacks. Also, allowing yourself to eat the things you like, but healthier. I have a major sweet tooth, so I just eat lots of fruits!

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Thanks for all your comments ladies

Will definitely be taking on board your tips .. planning is going to be my key to success I think.

All my easter chocolate has now gone, the party food is out of the house ... I even sent most the cake with family & friends (that was very very hard).

Tonight i'm going to get most my food prepared for the beginning of the week (I work mon/tues/wed) on Thursday I will prepare my food for the end of the week. Low carb high protein meals & healthy snacks.

Exercise planned for the week also - I've wrote it in my journal so hopefully I will stick to it.

I've decided to completely cut out chocolate, bread, crisps & sweets for the next 10 weeks .. if I can't stick to plan to make baby #2 when will I ever do it?

I'm still overweight when I lose my last 14lb of baby weight so ideally I would like to lose more than this BUT I've been trying to lose this 14lb for the last year ... so this is my first target then i'm going to work on getting more off ...

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